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Microsoft Exchange Consultant

Switch to Microsoft Exchange Online from your current office servers and boost your team efficiency, communication, and productivity with our top-notch Microsoft Exchange online support services worldwide. Minimize the out-of-pocket expenses of your business and leverage seamless communication and accessibility at their peak with the right exchange online assistance.

Scalability and Flexibility

User Support

Migration assistance

Regular monitoring

Lack of communication and accessibility

Whether it is to view the team’s calendar to look for available meeting schedules or to send out team wide important email, without proper communication and accessibility support, your business will be far behind.


40% of employees say

lack of communication impacts their productivity.


Only 11% of business

employees report communication issues, the rest just quit.


Lack of access to resources

makes important business processes slow, impacting your business growth.

Boost your team’s communication and productivity

Microsoft Exchange Consultant

Exchange Online is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product offered by Microsoft as part of its Microsoft 365 suite of products. In Layman’s terms, it’s a messaging platform for business that enables you and your team to access emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks seamlessly to improve communication among your employees and boost your business productively significantly. Accessing mail, word, excel, office, and many other software tools can now be done seamlessly with Exchange Online.

We at Rollout Technologies, provide businesses in Canada and USA with top-notch Exchange Online support and help them leverage the software tool at its best. When it comes to taking care of your business communication and accessibility, we take full control. We understand the specific requirements of your business and create a strategically tailored Exchange Online program for you that solves all your communication-related problems.

With our trusted Microsoft 365 consultancy services, we take care of the licensing of your employees, their accessibility and restriction limits to dedicated tools and software, and the privacy and security of your business servers to make sure all processes in your business are completed seamlessly and securely.

We at Rollout Technologies, are a team of experts with over 12 years of experience in delivering top-notch Exchange Online consultancy to our clients in the USA and Canada. By putting our experience and best resources at our disposal, we ensure that your business stands out as the best in the competition. With our Microsoft Exchange Online support trusted by some of the best in the business, you unlock the key to seamless communication for your business and its employees.

What do we offer?

Our goal is to tackle all communication and productivity hurdles that are stopping you from generating more results and revenue for your company.

Email Management

Calendars & scheduling


Mobile Access Support

Administration & management

Security & Compliance

Exchange Online Migrations

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Email Management

Email management is one of the core areas of any business and has a great impact on the overall growth of the company. Whether it is to generate new leads or to nurture existing ones, email is the go-to way for most businesses in Canada and USA. Without a sustainable email infrastructure, business growth slows down drastically.

We provide updated, secure, and powerful email management for your employees with our exchange online support services. Under this service, you get dedicated professional emails for your employees with ample storage and advanced email management features. Supporting different email protocols like POP and IMAP, you can easily access these emails via different clients and platforms.

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Calendars and scheduling

Continuous and seamless communication between the team is the key to success for any small business out there. With our exchange online consultant services, you get access to the latest calendars and scheduling features like automatic meeting room booking, resource scheduling, and viewing coworkers’ calendars to facilitate collaboration and coordination.

With advanced features like these, your employees create and manage updated calendars for your business tasks, schedule meetings with clients, and share their availability with the team to boost coordination and team growth.

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More than 54% of enterprise employees say that poor collaboration tools directly result in lost revenue for businesses.

By providing your employees with high-tech and advanced collaboration tools with our Microsoft 365 consulting services, we make sure you lose not a single penny in the area.

With integration options such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, our exchange online support allows you seamless document and file sharing, data uploading, and streamlined communication among your team.

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Mobile Access Support

We help you access Exchange Online features on mobile and retain the same productivity and seamless communication even when you are not using a dedicated desktop.

Our team synchronizes Exchange Online protocols such as Exchange ActvieSynch and gives you complete access to the tool on your mobile device. Access your mail, calendars, and contacts on your phone without any hassle on your mobile device, regardless of its operating system.

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Administration and management

Once you opt for our trusted exchange online consultant services, it becomes our responsibility to make sure your communication operations go smoothly and seamlessly.

To ensure that, our tech team accesses the web portal of the platform and starts monitoring the functioning of your operations. We manage user accounts (from creating new professional emails for your employees or deleting old ones), configure security settings, set up rules and policies for your employees, and keep regular checks on the overall health of the server.

In case there is any threat on your server, our team tries to solve it before it becomes a pain.

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Security and Compliance

When multiple members of your team have access to the same data, security threats increase. We, as a trusted exchange online consultant, make sure you never have to worry about that. With our exchange online setup, we offer robust security measures to protect your data. Advanced features like instant threat detection, anti-spam filtering, and data loss protection ensure that your data stays secure and private.

Exchange Online also complies with industry standards and regulations, making it suitable for businesses with specific business requirements.

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Exchange Online Migrations

Maintaining a dedicated communication and productivity infrastructure can cost your business a fortune. Exchange Online comes as a cost-efficient and powerful solution that will boost your business performance significantly.

We offer hassle-free Exchange Online migration services and set up the best and most productive environment for your employees. We offer exchange online migration services from different servers. Our migration services include;

  • Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations
  • Gmail to Exchange Online migrations
  • Zoho to Exchange Online migrations
  • GoDaddy to Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations
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Process We Follow

We, at Rollout Technologies, try to keep things as simple and clear as possible. We follow a systematic approach to provide your team with complete Exchange Online access.

Client needs assessment

The foremost step in our service is to collect required data from our clients, you in this case, to understand the current situation, gaps, and requirements.

We host a 1-on-1 meeting where you, as a business, can tell us about your current issues, desired results, capacity of the server, and budget for the services.

You can also let us know about your specific preferences if any, or special requirements for the team. We will try to fulfill that too.

Solution design

Once we have got what we need, our team starts designing the perfect solution that suits your requirements.

The team makes sure the solution contains all the things you have asked for – enough number of email accounts, Team access, shared calendars access, and so on. The goal here is to ensure that your employees get exactly what they need.

In this process, we also manage the licensing of the Exchange Online for your team.

Proposal and agreement

Once we have prepared a perfect solution for your needs, we present it to you for approval.

The proposal includes a detailed breakdown of all the sub-services offered – the number of email accounts licensed, calendars access offered, contacts access, and team communication tools. Our goal here is to present things as clearly as possible so that you, as a business, have no doubts remaining.

Access distribution

Our team will access the admin portal of Exchange Online via its web interface and start configuring the email and calendar setup for your employees.

Once that’s done, we will start providing you with the dedicated usernames and passwords for your employees to access Exchange Online. We try to provide your employees with enough Exchange Online licenses so that they can get access to their required tools and software and get things done more efficiently and productively.

Management and monitoring

As soon as we have provided your team with the access to Exchange Online, our tech team starts managing the servers. We create new user accounts, get new licenses, and deactivate old accounts as required to keep your business operations going smoothly.

Our team also monitors your servers 24×7 to make sure your data is protected and your network speed is stable. With the help of the latest tools like advanced threat detection and anti-spam filtering, we try to eliminate all possible threats even before they become visible.

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Why Us?

Rollout Technologies is a 4+ years trusted and reputed IT company in Edmonton serving top-notch services to our clients. We have served some of the top businesses in the industry and have been able to gain tremendous trust and respect from our clients.

With a proven track record of offering the best Exchange Online support services in Canada and USA, we ensure that our clients are confident when they choose us. By offering you specially tailored services to fit your dedicated requirements, we make sure your team’s communication is at its best.

We offer features like seamless email communication, cloud based collaboration, and mobile accessibility, and data security to ensure all your business operations run smoothly and without any hurdles. Whether it is to share files or data instantly with your team members or schedule a meeting with your client automatically, we make sure you have full control.

While offering our services, we take special care of your budget and provide you with a cost-effective solution that fits your needs. We strategically plan and decide how many Exchange Online licenses you would need to make sure you don’t overspend. At Rollout Technologies, the goal is to empower you with seamless communication and productivity so you can grow like a flower.

Empowering business with tailored cutting edge tech solutions and unwavering expertise.

Seamless email communication

Cloud based collaboration tools to enhance teamwork and productivity

Scalability and Flexibility

Data Security and Compliance

Mobile Accessibility

Integration with Productivity Tools

Advanced Email Management Features

Business continuity and disaster management

User Support

Migration assistance

Regular monitoring

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Microsoft Exchange server is a dedicated server that, once you have access, allows you to perform multiple tasks like email communication, shared calendars, and contacts seamlessly with your team.

Microsoft Exchange Online is designed to provide businesses with a reliable and secure email infrastructure that allows its users to send, receive, and manage emails, access calendars, and contacts from various devices and platforms.

No. However, Microsoft Exchange is a part of the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365 suite of products.

Unless you want to host Exchange on your own with your in-house equipment, you don’t need to get a separate license for Exchange with 365.

Outlook comes as a sub-product with the subscription of Office 365.

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“Rollout Technologies have a very robust process for clients objectives, business goals for a satisfactory solution. The level of skillsets, expertise, technical proficiencies are excellent. The representatives are professional in communication, educating the clients. Some of my requirements were very difficult but Rollout took the time to do the research and come up with a plan for execution. I would highly recommend their services, pricing and after sales support.”

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“Very professional and responsive. Mr. Anish was always available for any questions we had. Highly recommend their services.”

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“Rollout Technologies have been working with Gateway for a few years. Their entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and has always been eager to assist us. I have been extremely impressed with their IT knowledge and the timely fashion in which they address the problem(s) at hand. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rollout Technologies, they are amicable and easy to work with.”

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