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A Food Ordering and Reservation System Every Restaurant Need

Welcome an advanced food ordering system and table reservation system to cut out the hassle of your employees and give your customers a richer, more convenient restaurant experience.

Relying on third-party systems only makes your business vulnerable

While partnering with third-party food ordering and delivery systems might seem profitable for your business from the top, it internally damages your whole revenue system drastically. By relying on these third-party systems, you, as a business, are only giving away the food from your table.


Hefty Commission Fees

Third-party food ordering and delivery systems charge a hefty fee of 20-30% per order, leaving business owners with minimal profit.


Undeniable Reliability

When you partner with third-party systems, your sales get affected by their current market positioning.


Vulnerable Control

By listing your food items on third-party apps and software, you lose control of managing your food listings yourself.

Take Complete Control of Your Business with a Robust and Secure System

CuisineClick is a high-tech, robust, and efficient cloud-based online food ordering system for restaurants that allows you to take your business online without depending on third-party systems. The ultimate goal of this system is to prevent you from paying those hefty commission fees to third-party food ordering and delivery systems and give you complete control over your revenue.

Food Ordering System integration discussion

How it works?

Managing accurate food order records and table reservations have been so easy. With a 3-step systematic and hassle-free approach, CuisineClick allows you to make the best out of the system. 

01Requirement Evaluation

Our team undergoes a thorough evaluation of your business and understands different business dynamics like delivery locations, available reservation tables, payment gateways, and service timings. We also execute your business branding and determine the color and the logo for your brand.

02System Setup and Deployment

Our tech experts start configuring CuisineClick’s features and the required actionable items and then integrate them with your existing business infrastructure to give you a personalized touch. Ensuring you have a centralized management center that allows you to monitor and manage all the reservations and food orders professionally remains our priority.

These processes are followed by the system deployment, a copy of CuisineClick for your restaurant, allowing you to start using the system and earning right away!

03Post-deployment Support

With our 24×7 support and maintenance service, we make sure your software keeps performing efficiently and productively 365 days a year.

Values for the Business

CuisineClick is an advanced online food ordering management system for restaurants that can be leveraged to maintain hassle-free and efficient food ordering and table reservation management. CuisineClick has the potential to improve your customer satisfaction rate significantly and bring efficiency in the operation.


Enhanced Customer Experience

CuisineClick offers user-friendly features like easy menu navigation, personalized ordering, and hassle-free payment checkouts and allows you to provide your customers with a streamlined and enhanced online food ordering experience.

The online food ordering management system also allows your customers to book tables online, preventing them from long waiting hours at their favorite restaurant. 


Increased Operational Efficiency

CusineClick comes with a number of next level features like online ordering, discount system, advanced delivery area management, delivery app integration, and KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) printing, that boost your business’s operation efficiency and productivity. By utilizing a centralized management system, you, as a restaurant owner, can ensure better inventory management, reduced order mistakes, and a more productive overall environment. 


Data Driven Insights

Gathering customer data and outreaching has been one of the biggest challenges for restaurant owners so far. But the drought ends here! CuisineClick provides you with valuable data on customer preferences, their ordering patterns, and their peak activity hours using which you can become more personalized and outreach your potential customers with a higher ROI probability, ensuring positive growth of your business. 


Multi-restaurant Management

Whether you are an independent restaurant owner or you run a multi-level restaurant chain, CuisineClick offers in-rich features and tools that help you manage them efficiently and productively.

Order tracking Mobile App

To make sure you carry out your plans accordingly, we offer you an easy-to-use and robust order-tracking mobile app that helps you manage order, print receipts and receive order status change notifications from anywhere, anytime.

All-in-one solution

ePos inventory, accurate delivery, and hassle-free checkout. CuisineClick has everything your thriving restaurant business needs. 

Dispatch Integration

Allowing you to manage third-party drivers and delivery company contacts to make sure your business remains stable as it grows.

External Integration

Expand the power of your CuisineClick online food ordering system by integrating it with 3rd party tools and systems!


CuisineClick, with over 13 language support, it caters to a wide variety of customers from different parts of the globe. 

Unlimited Menus & Orders

Unlimited orders for you, also with unlimited, fully customizable and interactive menu pages, choosing the perfect meal will be much more fun for your customers.

Customer Review System

A smartly integrated customer review system that makes you able to showcase your work feedback with your guests and potential customers like a pro. 

Discount System

Everyone loves discounts! CuisineClick offers a tempting discount system that allows you to offer reasonable discounts to your customers outside peak time, ensuring a stable restaurant business. 

Brand Customization

Customize your CuisineClick software as per your brand image with logos, modifiable themes, and uniquely tailored features ensuring lasting impression on your customer.

Easy Online Ordering

With live data of your food cooking, pickup, and delivery, all blend in with a customizable theme that reflects your brand, online food ordering is much easier now!

Smart Delivery Zone Selection

Set smart delivery zone selection with CuisineClick and set minimum order value, delivery range, and additional charges for optimized cost management. 

Hassle-free Table Reservations

Skip all the hustle of finding and getting your customers a table with CuisineClick’s hassle-free online table reservation feature that takes no more than a minute!

Multiple Payment Options

Leverage CusineClick’s flexible upfront payment system and never worry about money management again. With seamless integration to some of the top payment gateways available, CuisineClick makes sure payment never becomes a hurdle in your business. 

Next-level Customizable

Give your customers complete control over their orders and reservations. Customizable delivery types, delivery time selection, and payment flexibility ensure your customers interact with you at a more personalized level.

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    Indeed, you can! With CuisineClick, you’ll have complete control over your restaurant menu. Add or remove items, edit navigation style, insert recipe descriptions, or modify item prices anytime from the main dashboard.

    Usually, order notifications and details are sent to you over mail to make sure you never miss an order. If you have the CuisineClick app downloaded on your device, you can also check the ‘orders’ menu to get updates.

    Our goal is to ensure that payment is never an issue with your business. Our online food ordering management system allows you to take online upfront for your food orders through multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, and more.

    Absolutely! You can set delivery zones and distance-wise fees to ensure a fair pricing model.

    CuisineClick allows customers to provide special instructions or allergy concerns while placing the orders and you, as a business owner, must read and follow them accordingly. Such notifications can also be shared in the menu.

    We offer 24×7 expert customer support services where our team will help you tackle any kind of tech-related problem via mail or phone. We are fast!

    Yes, we certainly do! We walk you through the key features of the smart online food ordering system and help you get a clear idea about its performance and efficiency. Contact us now!

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