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Network Cable Installation

We provide a comprehensive suite of technical assistance, adept troubleshooting, and in-depth training sessions, all aimed at facilitating the harmonious integration of advanced network cable installation technology into your system.

Professional Installation Services

High-Quality Cabling Products

Compliance with Standards

Proven Track Record

No network reliability, No productivity and customer satisfaction.


Network downtime costs

businesses around $5,600 per minute. Proper network cable installations can contribute significantly to minimizing such losses.


Approximately 45% of organizations

believe their network infrastructure needs improvement. Upgrading network cables can address this concern.


Secure network cables can

mitigate the risk of data breaches, costing businesses an average of $3.86 million per incident.

Enhance Your Networking with Expert Network Cable Installation

Network Management

Experience excellence with Rollout Technologies, a leading network cable installation specialist company. Our unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier outcomes and streamlined processes guarantees elevated network connectivity for your peace of mind.

Our network cable installation service ensures uninterrupted connectivity, optimized performance, and data flow like never before. Whether you’re a business seeking efficient operations or a homeowner craving uninterrupted streaming, our solutions cater to your needs. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and welcome a world of effortless networking.

Beyond network installation, we’re committed to your long-term satisfaction. Our dedicated support team is here to address any concerns or queries post-installation swiftly. We stand by our service and ensure your network continues to perform optimally. With Rollout Technologies, you’re a customer and a valued partner in achieving top-notch networking.

Feel free to explore our services knowing we’re here for you every step, from installation to ongoing support, building a lasting relationship based on trust and excellence.


From powering seamless connectivity in diverse business setups to enhancing home networking environments, our portfolio showcases our commitment to providing practical solutions that elevate network reliability, optimize performance, and contribute to the success of our valued clients.

Sub Services We Offer

Setup In the Office

Setup for Small Business

Setup at Home

Structured Cabling

Equipment Installation

Wireless Installation

Voice and Data Integration

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Security Solutions

Upgrades and Expansion

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Network Setup In the Office

One of the critical sub-services we offer is a comprehensive office network setup. Our expertise in this area ensures that your office environment has a robust and efficient network infrastructure to support seamless communication, collaboration, and data flow. We meticulously assess your office layout, size, and connectivity requirements to tailor a network solution that fits your needs.

Our process involves strategically placing network access points to ensure optimal coverage throughout your office space. We meticulously handle the network cabling and installation of routers and switches, ensuring that every device is seamlessly integrated together.

We implement advanced networking protocols and security measures to safeguard your sensitive data from potential threats. We aim to create a network environment that delivers high-speed connectivity and ensures the utmost security for your digital assets.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, our office network setup service is designed to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. Experience reliable and fast network connectivity that empowers your team to collaborate seamlessly, share resources effortlessly, and drive your business forward.

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Network Setup for Small Business

Our specialized service focuses on setting up networks for small businesses, making connectivity seamless and efficient. We excel in designing and installing custom-tailored networks that perfectly match your business’s requirements. Our process involves connecting devices, optimizing network speeds, and guaranteeing secure data transfers.

With our network setup, your small business can experience a significant boost in operational efficiency. By ensuring that your devices communicate flawlessly, tasks are streamlined, and collaboration becomes effortless. This efficient network also paves the way for business growth by providing a solid foundation for your digital operations.

Our expert team handles every detail, from strategically placing access points to implementing cutting-edge security measures. The result is a network connecting your devices and protecting sensitive data from threats.

Invest in our reliable data cable installation service to enjoy smooth connectivity, improved operations, and the opportunity to scale your small business confidently. Embrace technology that supports your growth journey and ensures that your connectivity challenges are a thing of the past.

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Network Setup at Home

Our home network cable installation service has successfully transformed the connectivity of over dozens homes. With our expertise, we’re here to enhance your home network experience.

Imagine seamless streaming, lag-free gaming, and effortless integration of all your smart devices. Our skilled technicians specialize in building robust home networks that cater to your entertainment, work, and intelligent living needs.

Our network cabling for home involves strategically placing access points to ensure comprehensive coverage throughout your home. This means no dead spots, ensuring a strong signal in every room. Whether you’re watching your favorite shows, engaging in online gaming, or managing intelligent home devices, you can count on consistent and reliable connectivity.

We prioritize both speed and security. Your network will be optimized for fast data transfer while implementing advanced security measures to protect your personal information and digital assets.

With our residential network cable installation, you’re not just getting better connectivity; you’re gaining a seamless online experience that simplifies and enriches your daily life. Say goodbye to frustrating connectivity issues and welcome a new era of reliable, secure, and efficient home networking.

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Structured Cabling Design and Installation

Our offering of structured cabling design and installation encompasses creating organized and efficient cabling systems for data, voice, and multimedia communication. This service involves a comprehensive approach that covers the design, installation, and maintenance of the foundational infrastructure that supports various network devices.

Structured cabling is your network’s backbone, and our experts meticulously design it to cater to your specific needs. The installation process is precise, ensuring that every cable is placed strategically to minimize signal loss and ensure optimal data transfer rates.

We work with various cable types, the most common being Category 5e (Cat 5e), Category 6 (Cat 6), ethernet cable installation, and fiber optic cabling. These cables are selected based on speed, bandwidth, and environmental requirements. Our approach also involves modular connectors that enable easy and efficient cable management.

The benefits of structured cabling are far-reaching. It provides a scalable and future-proof solution that accommodates your evolving network needs. With organized cabling, troubleshooting becomes more efficient, reducing downtime and potential disruptions. Moreover, this cabling minimizes clutter and supports better dataflow, contributing to a more organized and efficient IT environment.

Whether it’s a small office setup or an extensive enterprise network, our structured network cable installation service ensures that your network infrastructure is robust, reliable, and poised for optimal performance, now and in the future.

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Network Equipment Installation

Our network equipment installation service revolves around seamlessly integrating essential networking components into your infrastructure. We specialize in installing various networking equipment, including switches, routers, access points, and network cabinets. Our process ensures the physical setup and configuration, leading to optimal network performance.

Regarding switches, routers, and access points, our skilled technicians ensure these devices are strategically positioned for maximum coverage and efficiency. We carefully handle the cabling, considering factors like signal strength and interference to provide a reliable network.

Our expertise extends to network cabinets, which serve as the nerve center of your network. From cable management to proper ventilation, we ensure that your computer network cable installation cabinet is organized and designed to promote efficient airflow, reducing the risk of overheating.

But it doesn’t stop at installation. Our service goes beyond physical setup; we meticulously configure each networking component to work harmoniously within your network ecosystem. This involves optimizing settings, establishing secure access, and enabling seamless communication.

With our network equipment installation service, you’re not just getting devices plugged in – you’re getting a network primed for peak performance. Experience the difference that professional installation and configuration can make in terms of reliability, efficiency, and overall network excellence.

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Wireless Network Installation

Our wireless network installation service offers comprehensive installation and configuration solutions for wireless networks. This encompasses a range of components, including access points, mesh networks, and wireless controllers. Our expertise ensures your wireless network is set up correctly and optimized for superior performance.

When it comes to access points, we strategically position them to provide seamless coverage throughout your desired area. This careful placement minimizes dead zones and guarantees consistent connectivity for all your devices. Whether in a home, office, or larger commercial space, our approach ensures you experience reliable wireless access.

Mesh networks are another dimension of our service, offering extended coverage in larger spaces or areas with structural challenges. Our technicians expertly deploy mesh nodes to create a network that blankets your space in connectivity, enabling devices to switch between nodes for the best signal strength seamlessly.

Wireless controllers play a crucial role in managing your network. We configure these controllers to streamline access point management, optimize settings, and ensure a secure and reliable wireless environment.

Our wireless network installation service doesn’t just focus on the physical setup – it extends to configuring each component to work together seamlessly. This integration guarantees that your wireless network operates at its highest potential, providing robust, reliable, and secure connectivity.

Whether for personal use, business operations, or customer engagement, our wireless network installation service empowers you with a network that delivers on the promise of fast and dependable wireless access.

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Voice and Data Network Integration

With our network cabling and installation service, we ensure our VoIP phone systems are seamlessly integrated into your data network infrastructure. This enables features like clear voice calls, video conferencing, and unified messaging, all of which contribute to efficient and effective communication

Our voice and data network integration service revolves around harmoniously merging voice and data networks, creating a unified communication environment. This integration facilitates seamless communication between systems, like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems and data networks.

Our approach begins with an in-depth understanding of your communication needs. Whether within an office, a remote team setup, or a combination, we tailor our integration strategy to match your requirements.

Our experts configure the network to prioritize voice traffic, ensuring minimal latency and high call quality. This optimization guarantees that your communication remains uninterrupted and crystal clear.

Security is paramount in this integration process. We implement measures to safeguard voice and data traffic, preventing unauthorized access and breaches.

By integrating voice and data networks, you’re fostering seamless communication and optimizing resource utilization. Imagine the convenience of having voice and data systems that work seamlessly together, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Our voice and data network integration service ensures that your communication systems are connected and smartly integrated to enhance your business operations. Experience the benefits of efficient communication that supports your growth and success.

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Network Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Our network troubleshooting and maintenance service is designed to provide continuous support, ensuring that your network operates smoothly and efficiently. This service covers a range of critical activities to maintain the health and performance of your network infrastructure.

Regular network maintenance is at the core of what we offer. Our skilled technicians proactively monitor your network to recognize and address potential issues before they escalate. This includes checking for hardware or software vulnerabilities, optimizing network settings, and ensuring that your network is up to date with the latest patches and updates.

If an issue does arise, our troubleshooting expertise comes into play. We swiftly diagnose and resolve network-related problems, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your operations. Our systematic and thorough approach ensures every stone is turned on when resolving issues.

Our support services are available to assist whenever you need them. Whether you have a question, encounter a technical glitch, or need guidance on network management, our dedicated support team is just a call away.

With our network installation service, you’re not just getting a one-time fix – you’re gaining a partner committed to your network’s ongoing health and performance. Experience peace of mind knowing that your network is in safe hands, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

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Network Security Solutions

Our network security solutions encompass a comprehensive range of services to safeguard your data and protect sensitive information. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, our expertise ensures your network is fortified against potential breaches and attacks.

One key aspect of our service is firewall installation. Firewalls is a protective barrier between your network and unauthorized access. Our experts configure and install firewalls tailored to your network’s requirements, ensuring that only legitimate traffic passes through and potential threats are blocked.

Intrusion detection is another critical component of our network security strategy. We implement advanced tools that continuously monitor network activity, promptly identifying unusual or unauthorized behavior. This proactive approach enables us to detect and respond to potential threats before they become hazardous.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup is another layer of security we offer. VPNs create encrypted tunnels for data transmission, ensuring your sensitive information remains confidential and protected, even when accessed remotely. Our specialists set up computer network and cable installation and configure VPNs to suit your organization’s connectivity needs while maintaining robust security standards.
As an expert network services provider, we opt for a multi-layered approach to protect your network infrastructure. From preventive measures like firewalls to ongoing monitoring and timely responses through intrusion detection, we cover all bases to ensure the security and integrity of your data.

With cyber threats evolving constantly, investing in our Network Security Solutions means investing in the peace of mind that your network is fortified and your sensitive information is shielded. Let us be your partner in ensuring the security of your digital assets.

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Network Upgrades and Expansion

Our network upgrades and expansion service is designed to address the evolving needs of your network infrastructure. Whether you want to enhance your current setup or scale your network to accommodate increased demands, our expertise ensures a seamless transition and improved performance.

For those seeking upgrades, we evaluate your existing network to identify areas for improvement. This could involve enhancing network speeds, optimizing hardware, or implementing more advanced security measures. We aim to elevate your network’s capabilities, improving efficiency and user experience.

If expansion is on the horizon, we strategically plan and execute the process to accommodate growing demands. This could include adding more access points, increasing bandwidth, or scaling up network components to handle higher traffic loads. Our future-oriented approach ensures your data cable installation can support your growth without compromising performance.

Throughout both upgrades and expansion, our technicians work diligently to minimize disruptions. We understand the importance of sustaining business continuity, so we plan and execute changes precisely and carefully.

Our network upgrades and expansion service is a testament to our commitment to helping your network evolve alongside your needs. Whether embracing new technologies, adapting to increased usage, or simply enhancing your network’s capabilities, we’re here to ensure that your network remains a strong foundation for your operations.

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Process We Follow

Initial Consultation

We have an initial consultation where we listen to your needs, budget, and timeline. We also evaluate your space and current infrastructure to plan the cable installation effectively.

Design and Planning

Next, we move to design and planning. Our team creates a tailored network design that aligns with your requirements. We meticulously map out cable routes, equipment locations, and cable organization for a seamless installation process.

Material Procurement

Then comes material procurement. We gather top-notch cables, connectors, networking gear, and accessories to ensure premium quality for your network cable installation.

Preparation and Cable Installation

Preparation and cable installation are the following. We ready the area, ensure safety, and then set up structured cabling, fiber optics, or wireless elements according to the design. We adhere to industry standards for cable routing, labeling, and termination.

Equipment Setup

Then we move to equipment setup. We install switches, routers, access points, and other essential networking hardware. Our team configures these devices to ensure they perform well and maintain strong security.

Testing and Verification

Testing and verification follow. We perform thorough cable testing and certification to ensure reliable connectivity. Network devices are also tested for functionality, speed, and dependability to guarantee optimal performance.


Documentation is crucial. We generate comprehensive records of the installed network, covering cable layouts and configurations in detail. This ensures a clear understanding and easy management of your network setup.

Cleanup and Finalization

For the finishing touches, in the last network cable installation step, we tidy up cables for a clean and polished look. We ensure the area is safe and spotless. Additionally, we guide you through the installed network, answering any queries and ensuring your confidence in the setup.

Support and Maintenance

We’re there for ongoing support. We provide assistance, troubleshooting, and maintenance after installation. Additionally, we offer advice for future upgrades and expansions to keep your network up-to-date.

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Why Us?

Rollout Technologies is a premier network cable installation specialist. Our core belief revolves around forging enduring connections with our clients, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey of unparalleled service and unwavering excellence.

The foundation of our progress is our clients’ steadfast trust, serving as the driving force propelling us to explore new horizons. Trusted by the community, we pioneer network cable installations endorsed by friends, family, colleagues, and partners.

Every project creates harmonious satisfaction, elevating connectivity experiences. Our expertise weaves reliable network solutions, redefining spaces in Edmonton at reasonable costs. We safeguard local and global businesses with enduring network setup services.

But there’s more! Rollout Technologies goes beyond the expected, offering various supplementary services to enhance your network experience – video analytics, remote monitoring, tailored maintenance, and upgrades. We ensure your network stays ahead.

Edit – Video analytics integration, remote monitoring solutions, tailored maintenance packages, cable management solutions, IoT integration, and scalability planning.

Our expert team adapts to industry trends, providing solutions that evolve with your needs—journey with Rollout for enhanced connectivity and visual impact.

Edit – From Sherwood Park to Fort Saskatchewan and beyond; our expert team caters to various locations, including Beaumont, Nisku, Leduc, Devon, Acheson, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert, and more.

Our experts stay updated with industry trends to provide solutions that grow with your needs. Join Rollout for better connectivity and impactful solutions.

Discover a world of captivating connectivity and tranquillity where excellence is a norm, and your brand thrives.

Empowering business with tailored cutting edge tech solutions and unwavering expertise.

Professional Installation Services

Customized Network Solutions

High-Quality Cabling Products

Compliance with Standards

Cable Testing and Certification

Cable Management and Labeling

Network Expansion and Upgrades

Integration with Network Equipment

Proven Track Record

Ignite your network potential. Supercharge your connectivity with Rollout Technologies!

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Still have questions? Learn more about our services and experience through the questions of people like you.

Network cable installation encompasses creating the physical foundation necessary for smooth data transfer and device communication. This includes laying cables, connecting equipment, and optimizing network performance.

Professional installation ensures meticulous cable routing, proper termination, and compliance with industry standards. This reduces signal loss, enhances network speed, and minimizes the risk of downtime or connectivity problems.

We specialize in installing various cables, such as Ethernet, fiber optic, and coaxial cables. The choice depends on your specific requirements for data speed, distance, and environmental conditions.

The timeline varies depending on the project’s size and complexity. Our goal is efficient installation while maintaining high quality. We’ll provide you with an estimated timeframe during the consultation. Contact us for free quote.

Yes, we offer services for wireless network installation and configuration. We can establish access points, set up routers, and ensure seamless connectivity for your wireless devices.

We prioritize minimizing disruptions by scheduling installations during off-peak hours or weekends whenever feasible. Our experienced team works efficiently to limit any inconvenience to your daily activities.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance to warrant your network’s optimal performance. Our team is available to assist with troubleshooting and upgrades whenever necessary.

The network cable installation pricing varies based on factors like project size, cable types, installation complexity, and additional services required. We provide personalized quotes according to your needs and budget. Contact us for a complimentary consultation, and together we’ll determine the most efficient and budget-friendly solution for your network cable installation needs.

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Hospitality and Tourism

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“Rollout Technologies have a very robust process for clients objectives, business goals for a satisfactory solution. The level of skillsets, expertise, technical proficiencies are excellent. The representatives are professional in communication, educating the clients. Some of my requirements were very difficult but Rollout took the time to do the research and come up with a plan for execution. I would highly recommend their services, pricing and after sales support.”

JVK Holdings - Rollout Technologies Client

“Very professional and responsive. Mr. Anish was always available for any questions we had. Highly recommend their services.”

Pediatric Clinic Dr. J Brar - Rollout Technologies client

“Rollout Technologies have been working with Gateway for a few years. Their entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and has always been eager to assist us. I have been extremely impressed with their IT knowledge and the timely fashion in which they address the problem(s) at hand. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rollout Technologies, they are amicable and easy to work with.”

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“Excellent service, good communication, and detailed knowledge about the product. Thank you.”

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