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Security Camera Installation at Hotel Holiday Inn Express


security camera installation at hotel Holiday Inn Express by Rollout Technologies

Learn how we completed a seamless and efficient camera installation project for our client, Holiday Inn Express, taking their overall security infrastructure to the next level.

security camera installation at hotel Holiday Inn Express by Rollout Technologies



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4 Days (Sept 2023)

Our client, Holiday Inn Express, is a well-known hotel and restaurant chain established in Edmonton committed to providing supreme comfort and exceptional hospitality to their customers. However, since the client was using a DVR system, they were unable to match industry-level security standards lately. With a goal to upgrade their security infrastructure to the next level, we came ahead to take charge.

Before the start of the project, the client faced multiple challenges with their existing camera systems including poor image resolutions and inefficient integration with WiFi. This not only raised a security threat for the client and customers but also affected the company’s other operations.

Our goal was to replace the existing DVR system with an updated NVR system and install new cameras across the entire facility.

Business Challenges

Our client was facing numerous challenges and problems before we revamped the whole security system of our client, Hotel Inn Express – Edmonton. Having outdated and less number of cameras and devices raised security threat for them, that’s where we got in the picture. Here are couple of specific challenges that our client was facing.

Outdated BNC Cables

Prior to our engagement, the hotel was using outdated BNC cables that were inefficient in managing high-power devices and were also affecting the image qualities captured. Our task was to install new and high-tech network cables on each floor of the building. And this wasn’t a cakewalk.

Cameras in poor condition

The client’s existing camera devices were in a rough condition and directly affected the image quality and resolution, compromising the overall security of the business. Some camera devices were malfunctioning too and recorded poor visuals and sometimes no visuals at all. This posed a huge security risk for the hotel and needed to be fixed with an overhaul.

The Solution

We completed the security camera installation project by following a project-centric approach that involved close collaboration with the client to gain insights into their goal, current gaps, and future expectations. After installing a total of 32 high-resolution cameras in different areas of the building, each connected together with the latest network cables, we completed the architecture of the security system. Lastly, by deploying the required management and monitoring tools, we completed the project with near perfection.


Work with Rollout Technologies

To ensure a fail-proof and efficient completion of the project, we adapted a project-centric approach that focused on understanding project goals, identifying existing gaps, and meeting future expectations.

For this, we established a close collaboration with the client and went through regular meetings and inspecting the premises to make sure the project aligns perfectly with their interests and requirements. 

Identifying current system gaps, we decided to replace the existing DVR camera system with the updated NVR system. We consulted the client and got 32 new camera devices for the installation process. We proposed to install these cameras in different areas of the hotel building to ensure complete security across the building.

Throughout the whole installation and configuration process, we prioritized the safety of our client’s data. Our goal was to revamp the security infrastructure of the hotel without compromising its data.

Work with Rollout Technologies


We installed 32 camera devices across the hotel building of our client. 30 wired cameras and 2 wifi cameras were installed in certain areas to fulfill the client’s requirements. The cameras were connected together with the latest network cables. The two wifi cameras were also integrated with an efficient router. 

To establish a robust, efficient, and quick security infrastructure, we identified the need for a robust NVR system. For this, two NVRs, server racks, and strategically positioned POE switches were installed inside the building.

Lastly, to ensure seamless operation of all the security devices installed in the building, we deployed a dedicated router and provided access points to the client. 

Camera Installation

The new camera systems installed enhanced the security of the hotel significantly. With three 4K cameras on each floor, 2 wifi cameras on the front parking lot, and 4 4K cameras with 5x zoom capabilities to monitor every activity on the back parking lot gave ultimate strength to our client in terms of security and safety of their customers and staff. Additionally, 2 4K cameras and 6 4K cameras were installed in the gym and on the main floor respectively to keep an unmissable eye.

Comprehensive Monitoring

To cast and record the visuals recorded by the security cameras, we connected two TVs in the office, allowing office employees to oversee all cameras at once. A mobile app access was provided to the client to ensure flexible monitoring.

Better Coverage

The strategically placed 32 cameras improved the security system of Hotel Inn Express significantly. The smart placement of the cameras eliminated blind spots and assisted night staff in keeping real-time insights into the whole building.

security camera installation at hotel Holiday Inn Express by Rollout Technologies

The Result

Happy Client!

security camera installation at hotel Holiday Inn Express by Rollout Technologies

By following a project-centric approach and maintaining close collaborations within the team, Rollout Technologies was successful in revamping the security system of the client Hotel Inn Express with significant improvements.

As a result, the client now enjoys a top-notch security system in the building with access to mobile app monitoring from anywhere. With 32 strategically installed cameras in different areas of the building, we have been able to cover almost every inch with a technical eye.

By succeeding in our security camera installation services, we have been rewarded with a satisfied client that looks forward to us for solving their future IT needs and requirements.

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