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Commercial Audio Visual Solutions

Our expertise lies in being a commercial AV solutions company, where we excel in implementing cutting-edge technology to deliver cost-effective solutions. We lead the development of effectively designed, productive environments meticulously tailored to satisfy your unique requirements.

Customized Solutions

Acoustic Design and Optimization

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Insufficient AV Setup Hinders Business Growth

If your audio-visual system isn’t properly adjusted for commercial excellence, you’re already behind in the race.


20% productivity decline

in collaborative projects due to absence of commercial AV solutions


35% decline in customer retention

at places lacking sufficient audio and visual resources


15% rise in meeting downtime

due to technical glitches and issues at businesses without integrated audio visual solutions

Optimized Commercial Audio Visual Solutions

Commercial Audio Visual Solutions in Edmonton

At the forefront of providing cutting-edge commercial solutions for audio visual company is Rollout Technologies, one of the best local AV companies situated in Edmonton and its surrounding areas in Canada. Our expertise lies in crafting impeccable AV setups that cater to the unique demands of modern enterprises. We specialize in designing meticulously planned AV arrangements that align with your specific requirements. Through our bespoke AV solutions, we provide you with a holistic package, covering all hardware and software needs, thereby optimizing your audio visual setup for maximum impact.

Rollout Technologies has garnered everlasting confidence from its customers, confirming its reputation as one of the leading audio visual companies and top IT solutions providers in Edmonton, Canada. With a company legacy spanning over 5+ years, our adept professionals have an innate understanding of the intricate needs of businesses today. Our commitment extends beyond technology; we offer relentless 24×7 customer support, ensuring a smooth journey towards your goals with every obstacle swiftly addressed.

Our services transcend the boundaries of traditional AV setups. In the age of dynamic visual communication, Rollout Technologies stands as a pioneer in providing avant-garde commercial AV solutions. We are at the forefront of delivering state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the rising demand for superior audiovisual specialists. In essence, we blend the latest technology with the art of communication and entertainment, creating immersive environments that leave a lasting impression.


Our portfolio proudly demonstrates our skill in building excellent settings that cater to the increasing demands of modern entertainment and productivity.

Services We Offer

Our experience spans everything from complex commercial audio visual installations to seamless technological integration. With a specialized audio video company of professionals, we deliver top-tier advisory, design, and implementation services, perfectly adjusted to fit each client’s individual demands.

AV Consultation

Professional Cabling

Installation and Integration

Video Conferencing

Digital Signage

Post Installation Services

Boardroom setup

Audio Visual Consultation

Our staff specializes in assisting clients with the design and strategic planning of their audio visual systems, particularly those designed for commercial challenges. These settings include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Ultra Lounges
  • Schools
  • Training Rooms
  • Board Rooms
  • Places of Worship
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Professional Cabling Services

At our premier commercial audio-video solutions company, we specialize in delivering professional cabling services adapted to numerous locations. With an extensive understanding of the unique requirements of these areas, we offer smooth and resilient cabling structures that assure faultless connectivity for audio, video, and lighting systems.

Our skilled team develops and deploys cabling solutions that improve performance, reduce downtime, and enhance the entire entertainment experience. Trust us to offer reliable and top-tier cabling services that build the basis for excellent audio and visual enjoyment.

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Installation and Integration

As a leading AV integration company, our experience involves the thorough installation and faultless integration of a wide range of audiovisual equipment. This includes projectors, displays, sound systems, control panels, video conferencing systems, and interactive displays.

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Video Conferencing Solutions

We offer comprehensive solutions for achieving high-quality video conferencing experiences tailored for modern offices. Our services encompass expert hardware setup, cutting-edge software integration, and meticulous networking configurations that foster seamless communication and collaboration within office environments.

Whether it’s equipping conference rooms with state-of-the-art cameras, microphones, and displays or integrating user-friendly software platforms that allow for easy scheduling and virtual meetings, our implementation ensures that your office’s video conferencing setup is not only technologically advanced but also user-friendly and reliable.

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Digital Signage Solutions

Leveraging our expertise, we design and execute dynamic digital signage solutions that effectively showcase content, advertisements, announcements, and interactive displays within diverse commercial spaces.

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Post Installation Services

Beyond the initial av installation phase, we remain committed to providing exceptional service. Our post-installation services are designed to ensure the continued performance and optimal functioning of the audio visual systems we implement.

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Process We Follow

The steps we undertake in our process serve to highlight our unwavering commitment to each phase while showcasing our professionalism.

Assessment and Consultation

We begin the process by participating in-depth interactions with our clients. This helps us obtain an extensive insight into their individual requirements, objectives, and financial concerns. Furthermore, we rigorously assess their present infrastructure, physical organization, and any potential limits or barriers.

System Design and Proposal Creation

Building upon the client’s specific needs, we craft a comprehensive audiovisual system design. Our proposal encompasses the optimal blend of cutting-edge equipment, state-of-the-art technologies, and seamless integration solutions for AV systems. This detailed proposal encapsulates the system’s design, individual components, functionalities, and a transparent estimation of costs.

Proposal Presentation and Revisions

With the system proposal in hand, we deliver a compelling presentation to the client. During this phase, we elucidate the advantages, features, and potential of the suggested audiovisual solution. We remain receptive to your queries, addressing any concerns raised. Subsequently, we incorporate revisions to the proposal, aligning them with your feedback.

Equipment Procurement

Once the proposal receives approval, we initiate the acquisition of essential audiovisual equipment. Our sourcing procedure encompasses displays, projectors, sound systems, control interfaces, cabling, and any specialized tools or software essential to the project. Our strict adherence to the client’s specifications and quality benchmarks ensures superior outcomes.

Installation and Integration

Collaborating closely with your scheduling preferences, we execute a well-coordinated installation process. This entails deploying audiovisual equipment, configuring systems, and seamlessly integrating them into the existing framework. From mounting displays to configuring audio devices, laying cables, setting up control mechanisms, and conducting thorough equipment functionality tests, we handle it all.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We subject the complete audiovisual system to meticulous testing. Our comprehensive evaluation encompasses all components, ensuring they function impeccably and meet predefined performance benchmarks. We meticulously evaluate audio and video quality, system connectivity, control functionalities, and cross-device compatibility.

System Handover and Acceptance

Once we’ve successfully set up and thoroughly tested the system, we move on to the essential stage of handing over the system and confirming it meets your approval. We want you to be completely satisfied with the results before we consider the job done. So, if there are any last-minute modifications or adjustments you’d like us to make based on your feedback, we’re more than willing to fine-tune the system to ensure it’s exactly aligned with your requirements. Your happiness with the outcome is our main focus.

Maintenance and Support

Our services extend beyond installation through ongoing maintenance and support. We provide routine system inspections, software updates, equipment servicing, and prompt troubleshooting assistance. This commitment underscores our dedication to long-term customer satisfaction.

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Technologies we use

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Why Us?

We, at Rollout Technologies, are your partner for exceptional commercial audiovisual solutions in Edmonton, Canada. Backed by extensive experience, we have earned our reputation as a trusted provider of top-tier IT services to small and mid-sized businesses in the region.

Our accomplished team, boasting over 12 years of combined experience, positions us among Edmonton’s leading av companies. Our proven track record goes across many industries, with us servicing some of the most renowned firms in the area.

Equipped with the latest in technology, including cutting-edge projectors, premium microphones, advanced cameras, and expansive display screens, our solutions are all-encompassing and meticulously designed, leaving no aspect unattended.

Furthermore, our dedication encompasses the creation of personalized solutions for audio visual solution companies, meticulously designed to align with your specific requirements. We acknowledge that every business is unique, and our goal is to deliver what your business truly requires.

Budget concerns are a priority for us. We pride ourselves on acquiring the highest-quality equipment and tools for your AV setup without hurting your wallet. Quality remains paramount; our solutions are cost-effective and ideal for organizations of all sizes in Edmonton. If concerns about cost have held you back, we invite you to give us the opportunity to amaze you.

Elevate your audiovisual experience, boost your communication, and engage with the finest commercial audio-video solutions in Edmonton. Experience excellence—experience Rollout.

Empowering business with tailored cutting edge tech solutions and unwavering expertise.

Customized Solutions

High-Quality Audio and Video Equipment

Seamless Integration

Acoustic Design and Optimization

Video Display Solutions

Distributed Audio Solutions

User-Friendly Control Systems

Video Conferencing and Collaboration

24×7 Support and Maintenance

Proven Track Record

Take your presentations, communication, entertainment, and collaboration to new heights now!

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Audiovisual services involve the comprehensive provision of design, installation, integration, and upkeep for systems that harmonize visual and auditory components to serve diverse objectives, including entertainment, presentations, events, and effective communication.

Our audiovisual solutions cater to a diverse spectrum of commercial spaces, encompassing offices, conference rooms, retail establishments, restaurants, hotels, and various other settings.

Our commercial audiovisual solutions elevate communication, foster collaboration, enrich engagement, and enhance entertainment experiences. By creating immersive environments, depending on use-case, these solutions not only amplify productivity but also leave a lasting impact on clients, customers, and employees alike.

Catering to a wide array of sectors such as business, education, healthcare, hospitality, retail, entertainment, and beyond, we provide bespoke audiovisual solutions precisely designed to fulfill the particular requirements of each sector.

Yes, we excel in delivering bespoke audiovisual solutions meticulously designed to align with the distinct prerequisites and goals of individual businesses. This approach guarantees a seamless match for their precise demands and requirements. Contact us for free quote.

Industries We Serve


Real Estate

Entertainment and Media

Finance and Banking



Hospitality and Tourism

Manufacturing and Industrial

Retail and E-commerce

Non-profit and Social Services


Transportation and Logistics

“Rollout Technologies have a very robust process for clients objectives, business goals for a satisfactory solution. The level of skillsets, expertise, technical proficiencies are excellent. The representatives are professional in communication, educating the clients. Some of my requirements were very difficult but Rollout took the time to do the research and come up with a plan for execution. I would highly recommend their services, pricing and after sales support.”

JVK Holdings - Rollout Technologies Client

“Very professional and responsive. Mr. Anish was always available for any questions we had. Highly recommend their services.”

Pediatric Clinic Dr. J Brar - Rollout Technologies client

“Rollout Technologies have been working with Gateway for a few years. Their entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and has always been eager to assist us. I have been extremely impressed with their IT knowledge and the timely fashion in which they address the problem(s) at hand. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rollout Technologies, they are amicable and easy to work with.”

Gateway Entertainment - Rollout Technologies client

“Excellent service, good communication, and detailed knowledge about the product. Thank you.”

Vaticano Cucina - Italian Restaurant - Rollout Technologies client

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