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Digital Signage Solution for Entertainment Centre

Digital Signage Solution for Entertainment Centre

In this case study, we are sharing how we assisted our long time Edmonton-based client, Gateway Entertainment Centre, in setting up and configuring digital signage solutions for their company and made their marketing operations seamless. 

Digital Signage Solution for Entertainment Centre






February 2023

We had been working with Gateway, a well-known Entertainment company in Edmonton that hosts private parties, bowling lanes, laser tags, and much more, for a long time before we took on the digital signage setup project. 

We came across the signage problem of the company after working for them for a while. The main problem they were facing was changing the content piece every time in the pen drive they were using to display ads and promotions on their signage screens. This not only made the marketing operations tedious but raised multiple technical issues as well.

While providing them with our services, the goal was to set up a cloud-based digital signage solution that could be easily configured and managed. Rollout Technologies also installed new screens for their signage as well.

Business Challenges

The core, and overall, challenge of the whole digital signage setup was to install high-quality screens and digital signage players for the company that can be managed efficiently. The client, being an entertainment company, did not have expert knowledge of the technical aspects of digital signage and was unable to optimize the current system in the best way.

Lack of technical Expertise

Gateway is an entertainment company that hosts bowling lanes, comedy clubs, private parties, VR games, and other stuff. The company does not have the technical expertise and was unable to optimize the existing IT infrastructure in the best way.

As a result, the company was struggling with its marketing operations and their digital signage management, resulting in unstable growth.

Poor Selection of Hardware

Another major problem that Gateway was facing was poor hardware selection. Since it was not in the tech industry, the employees had very little idea about what types of screens and digital signage players would fit their business needs.

This had led to installations of poor-quality, or irrelevant, screens and signage players on the company premises, affecting both their reach as well as authenticity in the market.

Inefficient Implementation of Digital Signage

Prior to our collaboration for the digital signage setup, the company was using a digital signage solution through a pen drive that was hosted through local software for running their ads. Now, every time they wanted to change an ad on their screens, they had to change the copy of the content to be displayed on the pen drive and then play it again on the screens.

This was not only making marketing more difficult and complex for the marketing team but was time-intensive as well, affecting the company’s growth directly. 

The Solution

We wanted to complete a seamless, efficient, and hassle-free digital signage setup for the client. To ensure this, we followed a client-centric approach where we held multiple meetings and maintained a close collaboration with the client to understand their project expectations, current loopholes, and future scopes. Once that was done, we assisted Gateway in selecting the required digital signage hardware based on their use case and offered them our own cloud-based digital signage solution, DigiSignage. Lastly, by configuring the cloud-based solution to their current system, we were able to strengthen their marketing activities and boost their ads performance.


In order to carry out a successful digital signage setup and configuration, we followed a client-centric approach that involved regular meetings and a close collaboration with the client to understand the project requirements.

With this approach, we were able to identify crucial pain points of the existing digital signage system (the pen drive thing being the primary one), current setup requirements, and future scope. This gave us a tighter hold on the project.

Since the client had poor hardware selection that was hindering their marketing efforts, we provided them with our expert advice about the hardware required based on their use case. The hardware included new screens, media players, mounts, and connectivity devices. The goal here was to strengthen their hardware section so once the setup is complete, everything goes smoothly.

After that, we offered the client our own cloud-based digital signage solution, DigiSignage, that offered one-time setup and remote content management features to be their active solution and got accepted. Lastly, we configured the software solution on the client’s existing infrastructure and customized it per their unique needs and use case.

Throughout the whole process, our goal was to keep the setup process strictly for the client’s unique requirements and future goals, at which we were successful. 

What we offered

Cloud-Based Digital Signage

With our cloud-based digital signage solution, the client was able to leverage a one-time setup for Windows or Android. The solution also allowed them to completely manage content on multiple screens from a central panel.


We offered onboarding help to Gateway’s marketing team and guided them use our digital signage solution more efficiently to get better results. We also offered help to schedule and design the signage slides for the company as well.

Procurement of the Hardwares

Rollout Technologies helped Gateway select the best quality displays and digital signage players based on their specific use-case to boost their marketing efficiency.

Regular Technical Support

Since the digital signage setup project, Rollout Technologies has been providing Gateway with constant technical support to solve critical technical issues and strengthen its IT infrastructure.

Digital Signage Solution for Entertainment Centre

The Result

Happy Client!

Digital Signage Solution for Entertainment Centre

By maintaining close collaborations with the client and following a step-by-step setup process, we were able to successfully install and configure a cloud-based digital signage solution for the client that offered easy content management and better marketing results. This resulted in client satisfaction and an increase in mutual trust and respect.

At the moment, our transformative collaboration with Gateway is 4 years strong and Rollout Technologies remains their trusted IT support partner, solving their most critical IT issues with utmost priority.

Technologies we used


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