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Benefits of Managed IT Services and why MSP needs to be hired Now?

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Organisations outsource their IT management activities to a third party for effective IT management. The various functions performed by the managed service provider company fall under the ambit of managed IT services. An MSP- Managed Service provider carries out functions such as developing an effective IT strategy, keeping pace with digital transformation, improving cybersecurity, and offering a gamut of IT-related services. Small and medium-scale businesses are fast adopting the idea of hiring an MSP to leverage the several benefits provided by them and improve their IT operations. The managed service provider provides IT management and allied technical services for the smooth functioning of the IT infrastructure. Managed IT services in Edmonton include Disaster Recovery Management, computer systems and asset management, cloud computing, IT support & maintenance services. The managed service provider team is better equipped to handle all the IT-related services that help optimize IT resources. Better results are achieved with the expertise of the managed IT support in Edmonton. 

What activities IT Managed Services offer

IT user support

Ensure smooth functioning of IT equipment and resolve software-related issues at the earliest. MSP in Edmonton will promptly resolve any technical, hardware, and software problems. 

Server Management

managed service providers ensure that the servers work optimally and prevent downtime that adversely impacts IT operations.

Network Management

Get a comprehensive network management solution that provides networking and devices management and regular monitoring services.

Software Inventory Management

Managed service provider offers an effective inventory management process. Get a single point of contact for vendor management, and upgrade status.

Desktop Support

Software and hardware installation services are offered- managed service providers resolve network connectivity issues promptly. They install and maintain hardware and computer peripherals. They assist with hardware and software issues, set up the computer hardware systems, installation, migration, and upgradation of software solutions. They quickly troubleshoot the IT issues and prevent problems from escalating that can hinder the day-to-day IT operations. The managed IT support service provider also provide IT consultancy services and update on the best software solutions that can help businesses maximise efficiency, increase productivity and profitability.

Cloud Back-up

Get efficient data management and enhanced data security with cost-effective cloud backup solutions. Managed IT, service providers in Edmonton will offer cloud backup services and protect sensitive company data. The managed IT support service providers are equipped to handle all cloud storage models and provide access to cloud-based services. They make the data accessible from different access points. If you were looking for a managed IT services vendor, and researching who is the best IT Managed service provider in Edmonton, then Rollout Technologies could be your perfect choice. 

Cloud-managed services

Cloud-based services have revolutionised the IT landscape. Managed service providers offer cloud-managed services- installation, implementation, integration, and support services. Cloud-based services meet the requirements of SMEs looking for a scalable and reliable solution that they can easily accommodate in their budget.

Projector Installation

Superior quality services are available for projector installation and maintenance. Managed IT vendors in Edmonton offer a wide range of projectors and screen installation services. They provide consultation on buying the best projectors that fulfill the unique requirements.

Backup solution on NAS

Comprehensive support is provided for setting up the NAS- Network Attached Storage -efficient data storage and easy accessibility. 

Conference calls solution

Management of conference calls for the on-site workforce, ensuring a seamless communication system for better collaboration.

Office 365 exchange

Get office 365 migration services while ensuring minimal downtime to ensure higher productivity.

Network Cable installation

Perfect installation of network cables keeping glitches at bay.

VOIP phone installation:

Streamline the communication process with the professional assistance of managed service provider over the Internet with an efficient VOIP phone setup.

IT Asset Management

Get an expert opinion from the managed service provider in Edmonton on unique IT asset management requirements. Get installation and upgradation services at a nominal fee.

Benefits of Managed Service provider

There are several advantages of hiring a managed service provider. SMEs are getting familiar with the idea of outsourcing their IT management requirements to a reliable managed service provider. Read on to know the many advantages of managed IT service providers.

A proactive problem-solving approach to solving common IT issues:

IT issues can crop from nowhere and need to be addressed immediately. Timely intervention is necessary to nip the issue in the bud to minimise its effect. The managed IT services in Edmonton will closely monitor the IT operations and ensure smooth functioning. They will address the common issues promptly before they can adversely affect the entire operations. So before the problem escalates, experts deal with the matter. Small and mid-size businesses do not have to run from pillar to post in search of a reliable IT service provider to deal with every minor or major issue and shell a considerable amount to get the experts’ opinion. With an MSP on board, the SMEs can cost-effectively solve the problems. 

Greater Security: 

The managed service provider has the in-depth industry knowledge, and they are equipped with skills to protect your business from data breaches. Loss of data poses considerable risk of financial loss and goodwill in the market. Companies can guard their reputation in the market, prevent financial losses with regular monitoring services of the IT experts. It’s even more critical for start-ups, small and mid-size businesses to guard their reputation fiercely as they need to prove their mettle in the competitive marketplace. Any cyber-attack can quash their aspirations of gaining a foothold in the industry. 

Core Expertise: 

When it’s about running the IT operations seamlessly, you need to rely only on the experts. Managed Service providers have core expertise in IT consultation and management services. They have the required expertise, knowledge, skills, and experience to provide streamlined IT support and maintenance services. The experts ensure that the company keeps pace with the changing trends and businesses access the latest technology and updates. Organisations can ensure business continuity with minimal downtime. It would not be advisable for SMEs to develop an in-house team solely dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of the IT operations when they have other prominent tasks at hand. Outsourcing the job to the managed service provider will give them sufficient time, energy, and financial resources for customer acquisition, customer retention, and maximising profitability. 

Get rid of CAPEX (Capital expenditure)

The traditional on premise CAPEX systems are rigid, need a hefty amount to set up an elaborate infrastructure, and the maintenance cost is also high. So small and mid-size businesses should look forward to hiring a managed IT service provider. On the contrary, IT expenses in outsourced services are lessened, and the company has to pay a fixed price. Flexible payment options and annual contracts enable the beneficiaries to cover all the regular and unforeseen expenses at budget-friendly prices. Expenditure for hardware breakdown, repair services are provided in consolidated packages. It proves to be a cost-effective solution and ensures the smooth functioning of the IT infrastructure. 


The managed IT services in Edmonton will suggest the latest cloud-based solutions to improve IT efficiency. Cloud computing offers cost-efficiency, scalability, and access to the latest updates. It helps businesses revamp their IT infrastructure, streamline it and yield better results. With faster time to market, small and mid-size companies can compete successfully in an ever-evolving dynamic marketplace. 

Minimise operational costs: 

Relying on the in-house IT team will increase operational costs while hiring a managed services provider in Edmonton will prove cost-effective. For an in-house team, businesses will allocate resources for their training as they would need to make them familiar with the different intricate aspects of the IT services. Also, the in-house team will have to be provided with regular salaries, paying benefits like medical and insurance. All this will lead to escalated operational costs and drain the company’s resources which small businesses cannot afford. Instead, companies can rely on a managed service provider to reduce excessive capital expenditures. Companies can utilise the financial resources for business growth, otherwise spent on training, licensing, regular and emergency repair services. 

Efficient vendor management:

Managed IT services in Edmonton handles all the vendor management to purchase equipment, resolving hardware and software issues. Businesses need not invest time in dealing with multiple vendors, and the service providers get the best rates for all the IT products. Small companies can augment growth and put the business on the fast track. 


 Businesses must comply with the latest rules and regulations and ensure business continuity in a dynamic marketplace. Managed service providers look into the security and compliance requirements, and the business can concentrate on promoting growth and maximising profitability. Whether small or big, every organization needs to mitigate business and security risks. 


Choosing a reliable managed service provider will be a prudent business decision if you need to manage IT services cost-efficiently and effectively. Rollout Technologies strive to serve its clients with excellence in every managed IT service. With several years of experience and a proven track record, we have become a unanimous choice of a large number of businesses in Edmonton. A certified and qualified team and passionate people at the helm of affairs await you to streamline your IT operations. Contact the experts by visiting for managed IT service Edmonton and get reliable and robust MSP at competitive prices. We are a close-knit team of certified and experienced professionals who works with dedication, conviction, and perseverance to provide complete IT support through IT-managed services at competitive prices. For more information on the services, feel free to visit

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