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Boardroom Setup for Manufacturing and Service Company


Boardroom setup for manufacturing and service company in Edmonton

Discover how we helped our Edmonton-based client enhance their boardroom setup capabilities by strengthening their communication architecture.

Boardroom setup for manufacturing and service company in Edmonton



Manufacturing and Industrial


Boardroom Setup


1 Week (May 2023)



The client is a well-known manufacturing and service company based in Edmonton. Having a widespread presence across North America, the client specializes in manufacturing and delivering building and hotel products to both general and multinational organizations.

To match the evolving needs of the market and ensure the stable growth of the company, the client wanted to reform their boardroom ready to fulfill futuristic needs. That’s how we came in the game.

The lack of a conference setup directly hindered the company’s collaboration capabilities with external stakeholders.

To tackle this critical issue, we adopted a project-centric approach and installed high-tech video and audio conferencing systems smartly in the company’s boardroom setup.

Business Challenges

The client aspired to match the evolving industry competition and scale for future growth. However, with limited knowledge about the tech stack required, this was a significant problem.

Absence of a IT support and Infrastructure

There was no dedicated audio or video conferencing platform like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams to carry out collaborations with clients and stakeholders.

The client lacked robust IT support within the company’s infrastructure which directly affected their communications – both internally and with external parties.


The client aspired to match the evolving industry competition and scale for future growth. However, with limited knowledge about the tech stack required, this was a significant problem. We were challenged to set up a robust, easy-to-manage, and effective communication system within the boardroom that would align perfectly with the company’s future plans.

The Solution

At Rollout Technologies, we want to complete our projects in simple and transparent ways. To ensure this, we organized few meetings with the client to understand their current requirements and future aspirations.

Analyzing the company’s major gaps, we proposed the selection of specific hardware and a conferencing platform. We architected the boardroom setup by installing desktops, TV, and VOIP and strengthened the client’s boardroom communication capabilities significantly.


Work with Rollout Technologies

In order to carry out a successful boardroom setup project, we followed a client-centric approach which involved close collaborations and meetings with the client.

We focused on gaining an overview into the project from the client’s perspective including setup requirements, system availability, organizational structure, and their future goals.

The consistent meetings and collaborations allowed us to gain more information about the client’s current position, the core gaps, and the solution required to strengthen their boardroom capabilities.

Since we had to start the boardroom setup project from scratch, we also guided the company in getting hardware systems including new screens, TV screens, VOIP phones, and webcams. The goal here was to ensure a strong architecture so once the configuration is complete, everything goes smoothly.

As a team, we prioritized the client’s future goals and expectations and selected hardware and software systems that would align perfectly with their future needs. The end goal was to establish a seamless communication system within their boardroom that was capable of handling internal and external conferences smoothly.

Work with Rollout Technologies


A great emphasis lay in the architecture section of the project, since we had to install everything from scratch. Initially, we guided the client in getting the required hardware systems for their specific use cases. Once done, we initiated the installation process and completed the boardroom setup physically.

Hardware Selection

We installed essential hardware within the company’s infrastructure to bridge their technological gap. The systems included

  • An 85’’ TV
  • Desktop computer
  • VOIP phone, and
  • A webcam

Microsoft Teams

After a thorough analysis of the client’s communication requirements, we selected Microsoft Teams as the video conferencing platform for the company. With easy navigation and unique versatility, the platform allowed the employees to initiate meetings seamlessly.


We configured a dedicated desktop with the TV on which the Microsoft Teams would be installed and operated. To avoid any connection issues, we also ran network cables from the server room to the third floor.

How did it help


Microsoft Teams

The installation of Microsoft Teams has enabled the employees to effortlessly conduct presentations, initiate video conferences, and engage in audio calls. This strengthened the company’s relationship with its clients, enhancing customer relationships.


Quick Meetings

An employee of the company is now able to start an instant Microsoft Teams meeting or schedule future collaborations within minutes. This allows them to solve critical confusions and issues with the client without any delay.



Pitching new ideas or giving presentations has never been so easy before. Any employee can connect to prospects and customers with their laptops within minutes.


International Communication

The installation of a VOIP phone has opened the door for international communication for the company. Widened communication means a larger customer base.

Boardroom setup for manufacturing and service company in Edmonton

The Result

Happy Client!

Boardroom setup for manufacturing and service company in Edmonton

The successful completion of the project has resulted in a boardroom with cutting-edge technology and the latest hardware capable of carrying out seamless communications. Whether it is to attend an urgent meeting to fix a critical confusion with customers or schedule future calls, the company is always ready!

As feedback, we received complete satisfaction from the client and have become their go-to solution for any IT requirements or software needs. This long-lasting partnership showcases our commitment to delivering unique solutions that not only meet immediate challenges but also align with future goals and expectations. 

Technologies we used


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