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WiFi Access Point Setup for Sports & Recreation Venue

WiFi access point setup for sports and recreation venue by Rollout Technologies

Optimizing connectivity for the Canadian Athletic Club in Edmonton, we implemented a robust Wi-Fi network covering the entire facility, enhancing user experience for guests and staff.

WiFi access point setup for sports and recreation venue by Rollout Technologies



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4 Days (July 2022)



The Canadian Athletic Club in Edmonton sought to resolve connectivity challenges within its two-floor facility, notably lacking Wi-Fi services, including a substantial 13,000 sq ft hockey arena.

Recognizing the importance of robust connectivity for guests and staff, Rollout Technologies intervened with a comprehensive network solution.

This case study delves into our strategic approach, outlining the transformative impact of our network services on the client’s operations. From enhancing connectivity in the expansive premises to fostering a more seamless experience, our solution addressed critical needs, ensuring the Canadian Athletic Club thrives in the digital age.

Business Challenges

The Canadian Athletic Club faced substantial connectivity challenges, with a notable absence of Wi-Fi coverage across its two-floor facility, including a hockey arena. The architectural complexity further complicated this issue.

The absence of existing infrastructure highlighted the imperative for a customized solution, prompting the implementation of a comprehensive network setup. This aimed to cater to the diverse connectivity needs of both guests and staff, ensuring seamless communication and internet access throughout the expansive premises.

The Solution

Rollout Technologies provided a robust network solution for the Canadian Athletic Club, ensuring seamless connectivity across its expansive premises.

Our team collaborated closely with the client throughout the project, implementing strategically placed Wi-Fi access points. The solution involved a comprehensive network setup, overcoming the challenges posed by the unique architectural layout. This approach enabled both guests and staff members to enjoy reliable and efficient connectivity, enhancing the overall experience within the club.


Work with Rollout Technologies

Rollout Technologies adopted a client-centric approach to address the Canadian Athletic Club’s connectivity challenges. Our process began with an extensive on-site assessment, understanding the facility’s layout and connectivity requirements. We engaged in open communication with the club’s management to grasp their specific needs. Following this, we devised a tailored plan that included strategic placement of Wi-Fi access points, considering the architectural nuances.

Our project unfolded with a meticulous strategy tailored to the Canadian Athletic Club’s needs. We adopted a comprehensive plan established through in-depth discussions and clear expectations with the client. Our systematic implementation prioritized minimal disruption to the club’s operations. Regular communication and feedback sessions ensured the solution was fine-tuned, resulting in an efficient and reliable network infrastructure. This approach allowed us to customize the solution to the club’s unique layout and operational needs, leading to a successful improvement in connectivity throughout the facility.

Work with Rollout Technologies


Rollout Technologies strategically enhanced the Canadian Athletic Club’s Wi-Fi connectivity by implementing a comprehensive architectural plan. Key components, including server rack installation, cable management, POE switch deployment, and Wi-Fi access point placement, were meticulously chosen.

Technical intricacies involved network cable installation, termination in a patch panel, and the configuration of separate networks for guests and staff. This decision-making process was guided by a thorough understanding of the facility’s layout and usage patterns, ensuring a tailored and effective Wi-Fi solution.

Server Rack Installation

The installation of a server rack provided a centralized structure for networking equipment. This streamlined cable management, facilitating efficient maintenance and scalability for future network expansions. The organized setup allowed for easy access, minimizing downtime during maintenance or upgrades.

Network Cable Installation

The network cables were specifically routed on two floors, connecting to patch panels. From there, they extended to WiFi access points strategically placed to provide wireless connectivity throughout the entire area. This approach ensured efficient coverage, catering to the architectural layout and delivering seamless Wi-Fi access across the designated spaces.

Four Wi-Fi Access Points

Strategically placing four Wi-Fi access points across the premises ensured optimal coverage. This approach addressed the unique challenges posed by the two-floor facility, including the hockey arena. Each access point was strategically located to eliminate dead zones, providing consistent and reliable connectivity to users throughout the expansive space.

Separate Wi-Fi Networks

Configuring separate Wi-Fi networks for guests and staff added an extra layer of security and convenience. Guests could access a dedicated network tailored for their needs, while staff members had a secure, password-protected network. This segregation ensures data security and privacy, aligning with the diverse user requirements of the Canadian Athletic Club.

Rollout Technologies’ architectural decisions were driven by a blend of technical expertise and a deep understanding of the Canadian Athletic Club’s unique needs. The resulting Wi-Fi solution not only resolved existing challenges but also laid the foundation for a scalable, secure, and user-friendly network infrastructure.


While addressing the Canadian Athletic Club’s connectivity challenges, Rollout Technologies implemented a sophisticated network solution. This involved seamless coverage, reliable connectivity, and distinct Wi-Fi networks for guests and staff. The comprehensive features ensure high-speed Wi-Fi access throughout the facility, meeting the diverse needs of users.


High-Speed Wi-Fi Access

The implemented network solution delivers high-speed Wi-Fi access across the entire building. This ensures a seamless and responsive connectivity experience, meeting the diverse needs of both guests and staff members efficiently.


Security Measures

To safeguard the network, robust security measures have been implemented. This ensures not only reliable connectivity but also provides a protected environment, mitigating potential security threats and ensuring the integrity of the network.

WiFi access point setup for sports and recreation venue by Rollout Technologies

The Result

Happy Client!

WiFi access point setup for sports and recreation venue by Rollout Technologies

Rollout Technologies’ network management solution has revolutionized connectivity for the Canadian Athletic Club. The implementation ensures uninterrupted, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the facility, markedly enhancing the overall user experience.

This success has solidified an enduring partnership, with our team actively addressing the club’s evolving IT and software needs. It stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering effective, client-centric solutions. This project showcases not just technological proficiency but a dedication to enhancing the operational efficiency and user satisfaction of our clients, demonstrating the transformative impact of our network expertise.

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