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Managed IT Service for Construction Company

In Edmonton

Rollout Technologies offering IT service to construction company in Edmonton

Revamping IT Infrastructure for Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity – A Construction Industry Success Story with Rollout Technologies!

Rollout Technologies offering IT service to construction company in Edmonton





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Rollout Technologies partnered with a prominent construction company in Edmonton, addressing their IT challenges. The client faced productivity and communication issues that hindered business growth.

As an IT managed service provider in Edmonton, Rollout Technologies delivered a customized solution, enhancing efficiency and security. The result was an optimized IT infrastructure that improved efficiency and security.

This case study showcases how our IT support for construction transformed their operations, making them more competitive and agile in the construction industry

Business Challenges

In the bustling construction industry, efficient communication, data management, and IT support are pivotal. Prior to our intervention, our client faced an array of challenges that were impeding their progress.

These included a fragmented IT infrastructure, inconsistent access control, limited collaboration capabilities, and a lack of dedicated IT support. These hurdles were not only hindering their operational efficiency but also limiting their potential for growth.

These challenges included:

Fragmented IT Infrastructure

Data was scattered across various devices, leading to inefficiencies in data management and accessibility.

Inconsistent Access Control

The client lacked robust access controls, which raised security concerns and hindered efficient collaboration.

Limited Collaboration Capabilities

Outdated communication tools restricted effective collaboration among team members, slowing down project timelines.

Lack of Dedicated IT Support

Without dedicated IT support, the client struggled to address technical issues promptly, resulting in prolonged downtimes.

Addressing these challenges was essential for our client’s success as an IT managed service provider in Edmonton, specializing in IT support for construction.

The Solution

Rollout Technologies, as a trusted IT managed service provider in Edmonton, stepped in to revolutionize our client’s construction business. We unified their fragmented IT infrastructure, enhanced access control, and introduced seamless collaboration capabilities. By providing dedicated IT support for construction, we ensured their operational efficiency skyrocketed, paving the way for their growth in the competitive industry, empowering them to thrive in the digital age.

How we Helped

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At Rollout Technologies, an established IT managed service provider in Edmonton, our approach was centered on our client’s needs. We initiated a series of in-depth consultations to grasp their unique requirements and future goals. This paved the way for a tailored IT support strategy that addressed their specific challenges.

  1. Role-Based Access Control: Tailored resource access to specific job roles, enhancing security and data protection.
  2. Collaborative Environment: Facilitated collaborative project proposal creation, improving efficiency and teamwork.
  3. Office 365 Integration: Streamlined communication and productivity with Office 365, offering essential tools and seamless collaboration.
  4. Email and SharePoint Deployment: Enhanced company-wide communication and simplified document management.
  5. Dedicated IT Help Desk: Provided quick and efficient IT support for employees, resolving daily issues promptly.

By seamlessly integrating these elements, we not only resolved their immediate challenges but also set a strong foundation for their future IT infrastructure.

Person using computer at work
business growth through partnership with Rollout Technologies

The Result

Happy Client!

business growth through partnership with Rollout Technologies

The partnership with our client yielded exceptional results. Their IT infrastructure is now more secure, efficient, and user-friendly. Employees experience increased productivity and seamless collaboration.

With our dedicated IT help desk, issues are resolved promptly. Our ongoing support ensures their evolving IT and software needs are met. Their satisfaction testifies to our commitment to delivering tailored IT solutions that drive business success.

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