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Backup Solution for Manufacturing Company

In Edmonton

Rollout Technologies offering Backup solution to manufacturing company in Edmonton
Rollout Technologies offering Backup solution to manufacturing company in Edmonton



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Project Duration

1 Week



Rollout Technologies partnered with a well-established Edmonton-based Manufacturing Company, providing an array of Building and Hotel Products catering to a diverse clientele, from the general public to multinational organizations. This collaboration aimed to set up a comprehensive data backup solution spanning from on-premises servers to every employee’s device.

The outcome is a secure and reliable data network that safeguards critical business information, delivering essential backup solutions for medium sized businesses and enterprise-level data protection while providing exceptional IT support for the manufacturing industry.

Business Challenges

Rollout Technologies partnered with a prominent manufacturing client to resolve critical data management and security issues. The client’s existing backup system was not scalable enough, and they needed a versatile solution for both on-premises servers and endpoints. The key was flexibility, covering cloud-based and on-premises backup needs, and bolstering endpoint security against evolving cyber threats. Our tailored backup solution for medium sized businesses and providing critical IT support for the manufacturing industry.

The client faced critical challenges that were hindering their operations and data security:

Data Vulnerability

The absence of a reliable backup system left the company’s critical data at risk. They needed a comprehensive solution for both servers and endpoints.

Hybrid Backup Demands

The client sought a solution that could efficiently handle both cloud-based and on-premises data backup requirements.

Endpoint Security

With evolving cyber threats, the client recognized the importance of bolstering endpoint security to protect sensitive data.

The Solution

Rollout Technologies provided an adaptable backup solution that precisely met the client’s diverse data security needs. Our solution seamlessly covered both on-premises servers and endpoints. It effectively addressed the challenges of securing critical business data, boosting endpoint security, and offering versatile cloud and on-premises backup options.

This tailored solution acted as the ultimate safeguard, protecting against data loss and cyber threats, while enhancing IT support for the manufacturing company.


Work with Rollout Technologies

Rollout Technologies adopted a client-centric approach, commencing with in-depth consultations to understand the client’s current requirements and future aspirations. The client, with a mix of on-premises and cloud-based operations, required a unique backup solution that combined the benefits of both. We meticulously examined the company’s structure and workflow to design a hybrid backup system that met their specific needs.

Work with Rollout Technologies

How Did it Help


Data Resilience

We offered robust backup solutions for servers and endpoints, ensuring critical data is safeguarded.


Security Enhancement

Strengthened endpoint security through Webroot and Atera agent, protecting against cyber threats.


Backup Versatility

Backup Versatility: Our flexible approach accommodates both cloud-based and on-premise backup solutions, letting you choose the best fit.


Business Continuity

We enhance readiness for potential disruptions with comprehensive data backup and recovery options.

business growth through partnership with Rollout Technologies

The Result

Happy Client!

business growth through partnership with Rollout Technologies

Rollout Technologies’ Backup Solution project has yielded transformative results, greatly enhancing our client’s data protection and security.

The client now enjoys peace of mind and increased operational efficiency, thanks to our robust and versatile backup solutions. This successful collaboration underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services tailored to the client’s unique requirements.

As we continue to support their evolving IT and software needs, our services remain a cornerstone of their success in an ever-changing business landscape.

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