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Server Migration for Edmonton-based Manufacturing Company

Server Migration for Edmonton-based Manufacturing Company

Our client is an Edmonton-based prominent manufacturing company that caters to multiple industries and deals primarily across North America. The client specializes in providing hotel and building products to a wide class of customers – from general hotel owners to multinational clients. With the growing demand and need for technology in the business, the company needed to modernize its IT infrastructure and we were more than glad to complete the mission with an amazing success story. 

Server Migration for Edmonton-based Manufacturing Company





Windows Server


20 days (Aug 2023)

This detailed case study revolves around the successful completion of a seamless server migration service for our Edmonton-based client, a well-known manufacturing company catering primarily to hotels and restaurants across North America. The case study contains detailed information about how we, as their MSP, migrated their existing outdated Windows server to an updated and much-advanced one seamlessly while ensuring the safety and security of their crucial data.

The primary goal of the project was to carry out a seamless and secure server migration task with a focus on modernization and scalability. Understanding the client’s major hurdle, which was the outdated Windows server 12 R2, we migrated all their virtual servers to the new upgraded hardware and updated the servers to Windows 2022 Standard OS version. This resulted in the successful completion of the project with zero downtime, providing the client with a much more secure and robust IT infrastructure. 

Business Challenges

From our perspective, the key challenge of the whole project was to carry out a hassle-free and secure server data migration with zero downtime which means without disrupting the client’s ongoing processes. Apart from that, the use of outdated Windows servers, excessive maintenance cost, and inferior hardware were also some big concerns for the client. 

Outdated Windows server

Prior to our engagement, the client was facing continuous issues with their critical IT infrastructure. Their existing infrastructure was based on Windows Server 2012 R2, which was an outdated server and posed multiple security threats to the company and limited them from leveraging the latest tech and features too. 

The outdated Windows server posed other issues like incompatibility, non-compliance, decreased performance, and the inability to scale which stopped the client from focusing on their core functions and directly hindered their ability to complete their deals, endangering their reputation in the market. 

Aged hardware

Along with an outdated Windows Server, our client was using aged hardware as well which directly hiked their maintenance cost and impacted the overall performance of the network.

When you use aged hardware in your IT infrastructure, completing heavy tasks becomes quite difficult. Especially if you try to run a new OS on an outdated system, which our client was using, the processing speed becomes significantly slow. In worse cases, the system won’t run the OS at all.

To prevent this, one needs to regularly maintain their hardware, which can be very expensive. 

Limited features and processes 

Another primary challenge our client faced was the huge limitation on features and processes. Since our Edmonton-based manufacturing client was using both outdated servers as well as aged hardware, they were unable to leverage advanced network performance features, encrypted security tools, and updated data transfer options. This impacted their ability to carry out complex manufacturing tasks without disrupting other company’s operations. 

The Solution

In order to provide our client with a seamless and interruption-free server data migration, we followed a client-centric approach. While maintaining a very close collaboration with the client, we focused on understanding precise client requirements and future goals. Based on our understanding, we then selected the Windows 2022 Standard OS version to be the new server on which the data would be migrated. Then, we completed the project by setting up new and upgraded hardware following our trusted server migration process.


Network Management

Rollout Technologies followed a client-centric approach to get a proper idea about our client’s unique requirements and future expectations. This involved close collaborations and meetings with the client to analyze their current situation and what their core needs were. 

Through this iterative process, we were able to evaluate the current situation of their IT infrastructure and the core issues with it, the outdated Windows Server being the primary one. 

We prepared a comprehensive blueprint of the complete project that focused on migrating the existing server of the company to an updated one seamlessly without interrupting the other ongoing activities of the company. 

To ensure that, we planned a quick yet secure migration that involved minimal downtime and near zero interruptions while ensuring maximum efficiency. 

Network Management

What We Offered

Our primary goal was to upgrade the aged hardware on which the existing server OS was running, resulting in slow speed and low performance. For that, we set up the updated Windows Server along with upgraded server hardware.


Installation and Configuration

We installed the updated Windows Server 2022 Standard OS version for the migration process and configured it according to the needs of the client. By setting up network settings, security configuration, and automated updates, we made sure that the new server was capable of handling the client’s ongoing activities and future growth. 

A security access server was also deployed to monitor warehouse and door controls. 

Rollout Technologies set up a specialized server for our client to support estimating software, accounting, and Veeam backup.

To empower the employees working from home in the hybrid environment of the company, a secure VPN solution was offered to provide a private and secure connection. 


File and Folder Management

During the whole project, data security was our utmost priority. To ensure that, we organized and secured the existing files of the company by setting up permissions and access controls for certain employees. 

We ensured an efficient integration with Office 365 by implementing a directory sync server in the infrastructure. 

RAID configurations were also executed to ensure data backup and security in case of emergencies.


Hardware Management 

We installed new Dell server hardware to strengthen the total power of the IT infrastructure.

Since the company was using aged hardware to handle its OS, it was not capable of running the new Windows Server and was a subject of concern. To fix that, we upgraded the hardware systems by replacing vulnerable hard drives, processors, and memory disks. Rollout Technologies created one physical hardware server and 7 virtual machine servers in order to run the Windows Server 2022 Standard OS Version smoothly and efficiently. 

business growth through partnership with Rollout Technologies

The Result

Happy Client!

business growth through partnership with Rollout Technologies

By maintaining a close collaboration with the client and pointing out the core issues with their IT infrastructure, we were able to successfully execute a seamless and hassle-free migration of their existing Windows Server 2012 R2 to an updated and advanced Windows Server 2022 Standard Version OS where we maintained zero server downtime and minimal interruptions to the ongoing activities inside the company. This left the client thrilled and allowed them to leverage the benefits of up-to-date IT infrastructure including high-performance, top-notch security, and an efficient integration with Office 365. 

At the moment, the client stands as one of the biggest manufacturing companies dealing across North America and we take pride in our contribution to the commendable growth of our client. This partnership, based on trust and positive efforts, is now strengthened as the client has chosen us to be their managed IT service provider. 

We continue to provide the client with top-notch IT support and services, ensuring their infrastructure aligns with the evolving business needs and demands. 

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