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1 month (March 2022)

In 2021, Rollout Technologies partnered with a prominent construction company headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction industry. The client faced IT infrastructure challenges that hindered productivity and data security, so they sought to modernize their systems, enhance data security, and streamline operations. Our collaboration resulted in a robust IT environment, optimizing productivity and positioning the company for sustained growth, showcasing our expertise in IT solutions for construction industry and setting up IT infrastructure for small businesses.

Business Challenges

The construction company grappled with a series of formidable IT challenges that adversely affected their daily operations and overall efficiency. These issues encompassed data management inefficiencies, network instability, security vulnerabilities, and printer setup complexities. Each challenge presented unique obstacles, hindering the company’s ability to function seamlessly in an increasingly digital business landscape. This case study delves into how Rollout Technologies addressed these challenges to create a robust and streamlined IT infrastructure, ultimately enhancing productivity and data security for the company.

Inefficient Data Management

Data was scattered across various devices and lacked centralized storage, making retrieval cumbersome.

Network Instability

Frequent connectivity issues and network downtime disrupted regular operations, causing productivity losses.

Limited Security Measures

The absence of a robust firewall left the company vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, potentially compromising sensitive data.

Printer Setup Complexities

The improperly configured laser printer complicated document printing, affecting essential paperwork processes.

The Solution

Rollout Technologies transformed Edmonton based construction company’s IT landscape, offering tailored IT solutions for the construction industry. We modernized their infrastructure, providing comprehensive IT support for construction. We tackled data management issues, resolved network instability, strengthened security, and streamlined printer setup. This improved data organization, ensured seamless network connectivity, enhanced cybersecurity, and simplified document printing, resulting in increased productivity and data protection for the company.

Overall, this helped in enhancing productivity and security while aligning perfectly with their small business IT infrastructure needs.


Work with Rollout Technologies

Rollout Technologies tackled the construction company’s IT challenges through a client-centric approach, emphasizing collaboration, customization, and technical expertise. Our process began with a thorough needs assessment, delving into the client’s existing IT setup, future expansion plans, and data management preferences. Armed with this knowledge, we tailored a scalable IT infrastructure solution, finely tuned to align with the client’s growth trajectory.

Our team, proficient in technical execution, flawlessly implemented the plan, covering hardware installation, software configuration, and network optimization. Throughout the project, we prioritized transparent and open communication with the client, ensuring their active involvement in decision-making and fostering trust in our solutions.

The result was a customized IT solution that not only addressed immediate challenges but also set the stage for future growth and efficiency. This client-centric approach exemplifies our expertise in IT solutions for the construction industry, particularly in establishing IT infrastructure for small businesses, enabling a smooth transition to enhanced IT support for construction operations.

Work with Rollout Technologies


The architecture behind our IT solution for this construction company was meticulously designed to ensure smooth, secure, and efficient operations. We chose a Dell server with RAID configuration for data reliability. Windows Server 2019 hosted specialized instances, simplifying data management. A robust network, combining Wi-Fi and wired connectivity, enhanced reliability, while a Fortinet firewall ensured robust security. We also optimized the laser printer setup for streamlined document printing. This architecture underscores our expertise in providing tailored IT solutions for the construction industry and setting up IT infrastructure for small businesses, delivering reliable IT support for construction companies.

The technical architecture devised for this project was carefully designed to address the client’s specific challenges while optimizing overall IT efficiency. Here’s an overview of the key architectural components:

Hardware Foundation

To establish a robust foundation, we deployed a Dell server. This server was equipped with a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configuration, ensuring data redundancy. This approach minimized the risk of data loss and contributed to data management reliability.

Software Stack

Our software stack was built around Windows Server 2019. This server hosted specialized instances for both file and accounting servers. This setup streamlined data management, allowing for efficient organization and retrieval of critical business data.

Network Excellence

A comprehensive network infrastructure was put in place, incorporating both Wi-Fi and wired connectivity. This dual approach enhanced overall network reliability and reduced the likelihood of downtime, ensuring that employees could work seamlessly.

Security Fortification

Security was a top priority. To safeguard the client’s digital assets, we seamlessly integrated a Fortinet firewall. This robust firewall solution provided advanced network security features and comprehensive threat prevention, ensuring data protection and business continuity.

Efficient Printing

Recognizing the importance of streamlined document printing processes, we optimized the laser printer setup. This enhancement greatly improved office efficiency, enabling smoother and faster document printing. Ultimately, this configuration simplified document printing, ultimately enhancing office efficiency.

This architectural approach effectively resolved the client’s IT challenges, providing a strong and secure foundation for their daily operations. It exemplifies our expertise in setting up IT infrastructure for small businesses and delivering tailored IT solutions for the construction industry, ensuring reliable and efficient IT support for construction companies.

IT service for construction company in Edmonton

The Result

Happy Client!

IT service for construction company in Edmonton

Our comprehensive IT solutions for the construction industry successfully transformed our client’s operations. With modernized IT infrastructure and enhanced data security, the company experienced improved productivity and operational efficiency. They are now well-equipped for future growth and technological advancements. The project’s current state reflects a seamless and technologically advanced environment, aligning perfectly with our commitment to excellence in IT support for construction and setting up IT infrastructure for small businesses.

The new IT environment improved operational efficiency, network reliability, security with Fortinet firewall, and streamlined printing processes. Rollout Technologies maintains a successful partnership, offering ongoing IT support for evolving needs.

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