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Managed IT Service for Manufacturing Company

In Edmonton

Rollout Technologies offering IT service to manufacturing company in Edmonton

Rollout Technologies managed IT services for an Edmonton-based manufacturing firm, enhancing productivity and IT support for operations spanning North America.

Rollout Technologies offering IT service to manufacturing company in Edmonton



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Rollout Technologies collaborated with a major Edmonton-based manufacturing company with a broad North American presence. This client served a diverse clientele, ranging from the general public to multinational corporations.

The project’s focus was on streamlining IT services and support to boost productivity and operational efficiency. The goal of Rollout Technologies was to deliver comprehensive IT solutions tailored to the client’s needs, ensuring a smooth and productive work environment. This partnership aimed to resolve IT challenges and support the diverse IT requirements across the company’s extensive customer base, enhancing both operations and productivity.

Business Challenges

Before partnering with Rollout Technologies, our client, a prominent manufacturing company in Edmonton, grappled with an array of complex IT challenges that hindered their business operations. These encompassed security vulnerabilities, inefficiencies in IT operations, a lack of specialized expertise, inadequate backup and disaster recovery, limited scalability, unpredictable IT costs, and an absence of strategic planning. These issues collectively posed a significant hurdle to their growth and productivity.

Before partnering with Rollout Technologies, our client faced a spectrum of formidable IT challenges:

Security Vulnerabilities

The company’s IT infrastructure was susceptible to cyber threats and data breaches due to outdated security measures.

Inefficient IT Operations

Outdated systems resulted in time-consuming tasks, hindering employee productivity.

Inadequate Backup and Disaster Recovery

Critical data was at risk due to a lack of comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Lack of Expertise

The absence of specialized IT knowledge made problem-solving and complex issue resolution challenging.

Limited Scalability

The existing IT setup couldn’t easily accommodate the company’s growth.

Unpredictable IT Costs

The company struggled with irregular and unexpected IT expenses.

The client recognized the necessity of an IT managed service provider in Edmonton with a focus on IT support for manufacturing to overcome these challenges. As the trusted IT managed service provider in Edmonton, Rollout Technologies stepped in to craft effective solutions, ensuring their IT systems were secure, efficient, and capable of driving the business’s manufacturing needs. This partnership with the client exemplifies the importance of reliable IT support for manufacturing companies.

The Solution

Rollout Technologies’ partnership with the client marked a transformative phase. We delivered a comprehensive IT solution tailored to their specific requirements. This encompassed bolstering their security infrastructure, streamlining IT operations, introducing robust backup and disaster recovery strategies, and providing scalability options while ensuring predictable IT costs and implementing strategic planning. This holistic approach elevated their IT landscape to new heights.

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Work with Rollout Technologies

Rollout Technologies adopted a client-centric approach, commencing with in-depth consultations to understand the client’s unique requirements and future aspirations. Our team engaged in extensive discussions with the client, gaining insights into their current requirements, future growth plans, and preferences for easily manageable content.

Based on our client’s unique needs, we designed a tailored IT infrastructure setup, ensuring scalability and future-proofing. Our skilled team meticulously executed the plan, from hardware installation to software configuration and network optimization. We maintained open lines of communication with the client throughout the project, fostering a partnership built on trust.

As an IT managed service provider in Edmonton, we were acutely aware of the nuances of the client’s industry, particularly focusing on IT support for manufacturing. This understanding guided us in developing a comprehensive IT strategy that aligned seamlessly with their business processes and objectives. Our approach was built on the pillars of flexibility and scalability, ensuring the solutions we offered were not only immediately effective but also sustainable for future growth.

Work with Rollout Technologies

How Did it Help

Rollout Technologies provided a comprehensive suite of features to optimize the client’s IT infrastructure. This included streamlined Office 365 management for uninterrupted access, enhanced collaboration through SharePoint and role-based sites, and efficient print management with support for multiple laser network printers.

Effective IT support via the Helpdesk ticketing system, secure remote work enablement, and streamlined workforce management further boosted the client’s operational efficiency. These features collectively empowered the client to navigate the complex IT landscape with ease.


Efficient Office 365 Management

We simplified Office 365 portal management, ensuring uninterrupted email and SharePoint access, boosting productivity.


Enhanced Collaboration

Access SharePoint seamlessly, enabling role-based sites for efficient document management and collaboration.


Print Management

Comprehensive support for 7 laser network printers, ensuring smooth document printing, streamlining operations.


Effective IT Support

The helpdesk ticketing system implementation results in swift IT issue resolution and improved user support.


Remote Work Enablement

Our secure VPN solution empowers employees in hybrid work environments, maintaining seamless productivity.


Streamlined Workforce Management

Efficient onboarding and offboarding processes enhance workforce management, increasing operational agility.

business growth through partnership with Rollout Technologies

The Result

Happy Client!

business growth through partnership with Rollout Technologies

Rollout Technologies’ Managed IT Service has transformed our client’s IT landscape. This comprehensive solution has led to significant outcomes:

  • Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration: Employees now enjoy seamless Office 365 management and collaboration through SharePoint, boosting productivity and teamwork.
  • Efficient IT Issue Resolution and User Support: The implementation of the helpdesk ticketing system ensures swift issue resolution, reducing downtime and increasing user satisfaction.
  • Seamless Remote Work Capabilities: The secure VPN solution enables flexible remote work, promoting efficiency and employee satisfaction.

The client’s satisfaction speaks to the value and reliability of our services, reinforcing our commitment to supporting their evolving IT and software needs.

We remain dedicated to delivering top-notch Managed IT services to help the client succeed in their dynamic business environment.

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