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Endpoint Management for Edmonton based Manufacturing Company

Endpoint Management for Edmonton based manufacturing company

Optimizing Endpoint Management for Manufacturing Company.

Endpoint Management for Edmonton based manufacturing company





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In this case study, we delve into a successful collaboration with a prominent Manufacturing Company based in Edmonton, operating across North America. The client, specializing in Building and Hotel Products, faced challenges in managing their IT infrastructure and employee endpoints. Rollout Technologies provided a tailored solution for enhanced endpoint management, resulting in improved productivity. This partnership showcases our expertise in delivering effective IT services for manufacturing, highlighting the value of our endpoint managed services in optimizing business operations.

Business Challenges

The Manufacturing Company, a major player in the North American Building and Hotel Products supply industry, faced significant IT challenges. Inefficient endpoint management resulted in inconsistent security policies, potential data loss, and hindered IT operations. This, compounded by the need for remote device management and asset tracking, made scalability an issue. Rollout Technologies stepped in to provide comprehensive endpoint managed services, addressing these challenges to enhance IT efficiency for our manufacturing client.

The Manufacturing Company faced several pressing IT challenges related to their endpoint management:

Inconsistent Security Policies

Endpoint management was lacking, leading to inconsistencies in security policies. This made it challenging to enforce standards and protect devices against emerging threats.

Data Loss

Without proper management, endpoints were at a higher risk of data loss due to various factors like hardware failures or accidental deletions, potentially resulting in critical data loss.

Inefficient IT Operations

Managing endpoints individually proved time-consuming and labor-intensive, causing inefficiencies in IT operations, increased support tickets, and higher overhead costs.

Asset Tracking

Without endpoint management, tracking hardware and software assets became difficult, making it challenging to plan for upgrades and replacements.

Lack of Remote Control

With the rise of remote work, the inability to manage devices remotely led to longer downtime and decreased productivity.

Scalability Issues

Managing a growing number of devices individually as the company expanded became complex and inefficient.

Rollout Technologies addressed these challenges with an effective endpoint management solution, enhancing the client’s operational efficiency and security.

The Solution

Rollout Technologies delivered a streamlined solution that transformed their endpoint management. With our expert endpoint managed services, we centralized security policies, safeguarded against data loss, and improved IT operations. This comprehensive solution also facilitated remote device management, efficient asset tracking, and scalability to support their growth. Our IT services for manufacturing client ensured that their IT infrastructure became a powerful asset, driving productivity and business success.


Managed IT Services

Rollout Technologies recognized the unique needs of their client and initiated a client-centric approach. We began with extensive consultations to comprehend the client’s current requirements, future growth plans, and the intricacies of their daily operations. This in-depth understanding allowed us to tailor a comprehensive endpoint managed services solution that not only addressed their immediate needs but also aligned with their long-term aspirations. Our aim was to provide an efficient yet cost-effective endpoint management system, considering the client’s rapid growth and evolving IT demands.

To ensure the success of the project, we worked closely with the client, fostering a collaborative partnership built on trust. Our team meticulously executed the plan, from the initial setup to the fine-tuning of the endpoint management system. We focused on optimizing their IT infrastructure, emphasizing scalability to accommodate their growing business. Through continuous communication and feedback, we ensured that our solution seamlessly integrated with their operations, delivering the desired outcomes. Our client-centric approach aimed not only to meet their current needs but also to future-proof their IT environment.

Managed IT Services


Our comprehensive endpoint managed services for manufacturing company include robust endpoint data protection with cloud backup for data security, streamlined support through the Atera ticketing system, efficient Office 365 portal management, enhanced security with Webroot endpoint protection, comprehensive hardware and software support, and a secure VPN solution for remote work flexibility. This tailored approach not only bolstered their endpoint management but also ensured efficient and secure IT services for our manufacturing client, helping them thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.


Endpoint Data Protection

Robust data protection with cloud backup on Wasabi, guarding against data loss.


 Streamlined Support

Utilizing the Atera ticketing system for efficient issue resolution and improved user satisfaction.


Office 365 Management

Simplified administration of the Office 365 portal, optimizing email and SharePoint operations.


Enhanced Security

Strengthened security with Webroot endpoint protection and Atera agent deployment.


Comprehensive Support

Extensive hardware and software support, enhancing user productivity.


 Secure VPN Solution

Providing a secure VPN solution for seamless remote work, promoting flexibility and productivity.

Endpoint Management for Edmonton based manufacturing company

The Result

Happy Client!

Endpoint Management for Edmonton based manufacturing company

The Endpoint Management project’s successful execution has left our client highly satisfied with the results. Rollout Technologies’ careful planning and implementation optimized the client’s IT infrastructure and ensured alignment with industry standards.

This achievement has led to an enduring partnership, with us continuing to provide ongoing Endpoint Management services as their trusted Managed IT Service Provider.

Our commitment to delivering value and satisfaction has solidified this collaboration, ensuring that the client’s IT and software needs are met efficiently and effectively. We take pride in our role as a trusted Endpoint Managed Services provider, offering reliable solutions that enhance productivity and data security.

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