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How to Decide the Web Application Development Platform?

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According to a survey, there are more than 8.5 billion google searches per day. The number of unique internet users is astonishing-its approx. 5.03 billion! The employment statistics of web developers and designers are projected to grow by 23% from 2021 to 2031. The numbers speak of the huge demand for developers and how the web application development industry will succeed in the coming years. The quality of web applications has improved considerably. As we inch towards the end of the year, businesses have already adopted modern web application development approaches. Today web apps work as intuitively as apps and offer users an enhanced experience.

There are several web apps today that users love and have shown keen interest in working on. The most prominent example is Google Docs used worldwide for writing and editing. It is developed with Java programming language and has more than 25 million active users worldwide. You must have heard about salesforce- a revolutionary SaaS CRM platform that generates more than $26.5 billion in total revenue in fiscal year 2022 (ended January 31, 2022). These are apps with several functionalities using new-age technologies. The advanced technology stack involves various programming languages such as, Java, NodeJs, PHP, and Python. 

Social media platforms are popular- there are an incredibly large number of users on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You guessed it right! They are all web applications. They are built on technologies such as Javascript, PHP, React, React Native, and Ruby on Rails-so there’s a huge market for web development services. 

There’s a huge demand for web application development experts. Companies seek services for developers who have expertise in the mentioned technologies stack and platforms like WordPress, Sprint Boot and Laravel.

Companies can also rely on WordPress- an open-source CMS. It is one of the most popular platforms used by developers worldwide. More than 60 million websites have been built using the platform. So, whether you intend to create a personal blog, social website, image-sharing website, or even an e-commerce site, you can choose the reliable WordPress platform built on PHP. 

Similarly, businesses can choose the Laravel, a PHP framework to build custom and user-friendly websites. It enables the integration of Javascript and CSS to build websites with better functionality and more features. It works on the MVC(Model View Controller) and has many libraries that enable web application developers to create fully-functional web apps. Developers can use Laravel to develop enterprise applications also.

So, now, question is, how you chose which programming language and framework to choose to develop your next web application?

Let’s discuss the best tips to decide on the web application development platform.

A business must select the right stack for web app development. It needs to research the requirements and the ultimate goals it wants to achieve with the web development product process. It’s crucial to select the technology to create a secure, scalable, futuristic digital product. The product should be maintainable and help the business reach its target audience.

What is a technological stack?

A technological stack is a combination of various tools and technologies, frameworks, and programming languages for web application development and deployment. Front-end developers and back-end developers create web applications. Web applications can be installed on a server, and users can easily access them via the website browser. The users need not download the app as they can instantly access it through the browser.

What does the web app development structure constitute?

The web app development includes working on different elements of the website. The front end of the website structure includes what is visible to the client- what they can access through the product. The developers rely on different languages such as HTML, ReactJs, JavaScript, and CSS. Developers use a combination of the technology stack- frameworks and tools for web application development. By deciding on the programming language and checking out the feasibility factors, a business can develop web apps that meet their requirements within their budget. The front end is considered as a body of the web application. On the other end, the back-end system includes frameworks like spring boot, NodeJS, Laravel, Yii2 etc, which is accessed through the front-end part of the system. That is considered the heart and mind of the system.

Selecting the best web application development platform

The complexity level of web application:

It is the first step in the web application development process. Choosing the right technology stack -the fireworks, web application tools to create the web app that meets the requirements. The clients’ requirements may range from simple to complex. They may require a simple web page to landing pages. Then comes the apps which need a slightly higher level of complexity like online stores. There’s a massive requirement for complex web applications like e-commerce websites, social networking sites, and apps required by MNCs, banking, and financial companies.

Project size/complexity and cost:

The size of the project determines the web development cost-it is a criterion that the software developers consider before going ahead with the web application development process. The project may vary from a single-page website to websites requiring higher costs in the web development process. So, the level of complexity or simplicity involved in the web development will decide the project cost, which will further let the business choose the technology stack for web app development.

For instance, a single-page or small website will require less expenditure, and the technology stack will also be simple. On the contrary, e-commerce websites or fin-tech business web apps will require complex technology, and the cost will increase proportionally. The higher the number of features, the more complex the project will be, and the investment will likely be higher.

Large projects such as e-commerce websites will require several features, and the technology stack will be a combination of several high-end software leading to a rise in the cost.


The developers should choose a programming language that is easy to maintain and not prone to too many bugs. It will help test the app quickly, fixing errors and speeding up the time-to-market. Most importantly, the software development technology should allow third-party integration to extend the capability and ensure the reusability of the platform.

The technology chosen should adapt to the requirements of the business. It is not feasible for a company, especially small and mid-sized companies, to invest in a new technology every time to adapt to market trends. So, they need to choose a technology that is futuristic and scalable.

Security / Data Protection:

Choosing the right technology stack also depends on the security the business needs in its web application development. The security factor becomes more prominent with high-end applications. The coding should be robust and leave no room for data breaches. Developers must follow security practices that are powerful to keep hackers at bay.


It is another crucial factor that businesses should consider while choosing the technology stack. As we have discussed earlier, the technology chosen would depend on the project’s complexity. But it also depends on the factor that determines how fast the business wants to market the product. The company needs to choose the technology accordingly. A technology stack that allows faster software and web development should be preferred. It will speed up the process allowing facing the competition head-on.

A speedy development process will ensure meeting the prospective customers’ base’ demands and tap into their interests without wasting any time. So the process right from research (the product, the target audience, choosing the technology stack), designing, web app development, and testing. Every stage should be completed within a reasonable period.

Community support:

Developers can access the various forms- community platforms that facilitate discussions. They can get help with unique issues they might face during the web application development process. Unsolved problems and bugs at the last moment can delay the time-to-market and dampen the prospects of the business getting the expected returns.

After choosing the right technology, the website development team looks into the software licensing process. They can use open-source solutions for website development services and make adjustments to meet the requirements of the final product.

By understanding the client’s brief, the developers can understand the technology stack required to meet their requirements. They can keep the project within the budget and prevent costs from escalating due to ill-informed decisions.

After considering all the above factors, the most crucial factor will be the web app development company you choose. Deciding on choosing the best web application development platform, testing, and making it ready to market- an experienced company will back the project and deliver a web application that meets the business requirements.

If you are looking for the best web development company, you need an experienced app development company with a good reputation and proven work expertise. If you are looking for such a reliable company in Canada or any part of the world, you can rely on Rollout Technologies. We are experts in offering excellent web application development services.

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