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Non Profit Organization Website Development

Edmonton based Non profit organization website development case study

Kulan Youth Services is a non-profit organization based in Edmonton, Canada with the vision of uniting the Somaliland Community in Alberta and empowering every individual. With our website development project, we helped them establish a better online presence and influence more people. 

Edmonton based Non profit organization website development case study



Non-profit and Social Services




25 days (February 2021)

This case study revolves around the development processes of an easily accessible and interactive non-profit organization website for our client, Kulan, an Edmonton-based non-profit organization, that helped them establish a more visible and credible online presence and bring the Somaliland community in Alberta together. The primary goal of the project was to strengthen the client’s online presence and allow them to showcase their diverse range of events and activities. 

From a local event, the client approached us, seeking assistance in developing a high-responsive, accessible, and visible website for their organization. Looking at Kulan’s unique requirements for a robust website and a powerful CMS, we chose WordPress to be the platform for the development project. We followed a systematic step-by-step procedure to tackle all the pain points of the business and achieved a positive and existing result in the end, fulfilling our client’s expectations. 

Business Challenges

The key challenge of the project was to develop a fully functional and high-responsive website that allows the client to showcase their range of services and events and build a credible online presence that aligns with the cultural identity. Poor previous website experience, complexity of website development and management, and lack of robust content management systems were other significant hurdles the client was facing. 

Old website limitations

Before using our dedicated WordPress website, our client, Kulan, was using subscription based website builder to manage their non-profit organization website and its content. Despite having a very good reputation in the market, that platform failed to stand up to our client’s work expectations with growling requirements of bespoke features, causing productivity limitations. Issues like non-interchangeable web page templates, lake of customization, lack of SEO features, and inconvenient data transfers were directly impacting Kulan’s productivity and stopping the organization from showcasing its motto for the community. 

This resulted in poor website visibility, unclear brand vision, and a limited website management structure.

Lack of a sustainable website management infrastructure

In order to build a credible and influential online presence, a robust and sustainable website management infrastructure becomes a must.

Without an efficient web management system that can handle regular data transfers, content updates, and decent traffic, it becomes quite hard to interact with your community properly and showcase your achievements and goals.

Our client, Kulan, was lacking this system and were looking for a reliable partner to boost their online presence and ensure a powerful content management system.

The Solution

In order to provide Kulan with a powerful and easily manageable non-profit organization website, we maintained close collaborations and meetings with the client to understand their unique requirements and use cases with a focus on the Somaliland community and its identity. We developed the website to be user-friendly, highly responsive, and easily manageable while ensuring the implementation of key features. 

In addition to this, we also developed some bespoke modules for the client to help them showcase their events, activities, and initiatives better. 


Software Product Development

Rollout Technologies followed a deep-analysis approach and established a close relationship with the client to understand their unique business requirements and future goals. We engaged in regular discussions with the client and analyzed their current situation and long-term aspirations to get a tighter hold on the project. 

This iterative approach allowed us to create a comprehensive roadmap for the project that allowed us to focus on the core challenges of the organization while keeping their broader activities in mind. 

Since our user base was a single community, we came up with the idea of developing a community centred website that had easily manageable content, tailored event posting modules, and a cohesive user experience that aligns with the Somaliland community identity. 

To ensure a successful completion of the project, we divided the whole project into smaller stepwise processes that focused on one core challenge at a time. This allowed us to tackle each challenge deliberately and confidently, resulting in a hassle-free completion.

Software Product Development


Rollout Technologies has smartly selected and implemented multiple subsystems, useful tools and resources, and security measures in the website to ensure a robust, fast, and secure development. 

Robust Content Management System (CMS)

Our selected WordPress CMS works as the heart of Kulan’s digital transformation.

The system provides Kulan with an easily manageable and robust platform to curate, update, and showcase their wide range of events and initiatives to the community, fostering engagement and unity among the Somaliland community in Alberta. 

On-site SEO optimized website 

Looking at the current impact of SEO on online presence and visibility, our team incorporated top-class on-site SEO optimization of the website. By smartly structuring the website’s content, metadata, and tags as per search engines’ latest algorithms, we’ve laid down the groundwork for improved SERP rankings. This strategic approach provides a higher visibility to Kulan and supports it in amplifying their mission to bring the people of Somaliland community in Alberta together. 

Cost-effective server with SSL

To ensure Kulan maintains a consistent online presence on the internet, Rollout Technologies deliberately selected a cost-efficient server for the non-profit organization website while keeping affordability as its priority.

In addition to that, we implemented a free SSL certificate to the website that guaranteed user data security and instilling trust. By combining cost-effectiveness with top-notch performance, we managed to get a powerful, fast, and secure website for Kulan that catered to the growing community of Somaliland. 

Advanced caching mechanism for enhanced performance

We anticipated repeated visitors to Kulan’s non-profit organization website and foresaw the need for enhanced performance. To address this, we integrated an advanced caching mechanism into the website architecture. This mechanism intelligently stores frequently accessed data and optimizes load times, minimizing server strains. By integrating this system, we not only ensured an elevated website performance but also accessibility of information on the website, fostering engagement with the community. 



Tailored event posting module

Our custom-made event posting module allows Kulan to share and promote their upcoming events across Edmonton, Canada. Easy controls and real-time updates of the module helps establish a mutual connection between members.


Resourceful download centre

A centralized repository of Kulan’s magazines, forms, and flyers. This resource hub provides easy access to Kulan’s vital documents and information regarding the Somaliland community to its members, spreading awareness and activeness.


Captivating event gallery

An engaging visual platform that allows Kulan to showcase the tapestry of their best events to their new members and invite them to delve deeper into the Somaliland culture richness.

Edmonton based Non profit organization website development case study

The Result

Happy Client!

Edmonton based Non profit organization website development case study

With a communication-based close collaboration, we were able to develop a fully functional, fast, and secure non-profit organization website for Kulan that resonated with the Somaliland community perfectly. Our inter-team collaboration and systematic approach resulted in a positive transformation from a limited old website platform to a dynamic and cost-effective WordPress CMS website for the client.

With the new non-profit organization website, Kulan was able to build a stronger and more credible relationship with the Somaliland community and work on its mission to bring them together. By eliminating crucial potholes, we were able to give Kulan a more relatable and appealing online identity that aligned with its mission.

After the successful outcome of the project, we have reinforced our commitment to Kulan’s mission which led to an ongoing partnership in the present. 

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