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Construction Company Website Redesign

Construction company website redesign case study

Discover how Qualis Construction partnered with Rollout Technologies to revamp their online presence and elevate their brand image in the construction industry by redesigning website for construction company.

Construction company website redesign case study







15 days (Dec 2021)

In this case study, we delve into Qualis Construction, a dynamic player in the construction industry based in Edmonton, Canada. They faced a critical challenge – their outdated website didn’t reflect the caliber of their work. Rollout Technologies partnered with Qualis Construction to bridge this gap by providing a strategic website redesign for construction company. This collaboration not only addressed their immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for their continued growth and industry recognition. Discover how this transformation boosted their online presence and enhanced their brand image.

Business Challenges

Qualis Construction faced a significant challenge in the form of an outdated website that failed to convey their professionalism and expertise effectively. This problem was compounded by subpar content and a lack of compelling images. Additionally, a low conversion rate was preventing them from turning website visitors into potential clients. To address these issues and achieve better results, Qualis Construction recognized the necessity of a complete website redesign.

Outdated and Poor UI/UX

The existing website’s design and user interface lacked modernity, impairing their ability to convey professionalism and expertise effectively.

Low Conversion Rate

The website’s low conversion rate posed a significant hurdle in converting visitors into potential clients.

Inadequate Visuals and Content

The site suffered from a lack of engaging images and subpar content, making it challenging for Qualis Construction to stand out in the highly competitive construction industry.

The Solution

Rollout Technologies stepped in to provide Qualis Construction with a modern, user-friendly website that accurately reflects their expertise. Throughout the project, we worked closely with the client, ensuring that the new website not only addressed their immediate challenges but also set the stage for future growth. Our solution involved a construction company website design, focusing on UI and UX improvements, enriched content, and enhanced conversion features.


Software Product Development

In tackling Qualis Construction’s challenges, our approach was centered on clear and effective communication. We initiated extensive consultations with the client, simplifying technical aspects to bridge the gap between their non-technical background and our expertise. Through these discussions, we gained a comprehensive understanding of their current needs and future objectives. We underscored the significance of seamless content management and recognized their aim to make a significant impact in the industry. This approach fostered a strong partnership, enabling us to tailor our solutions to their specific needs effectively.

Software Product Development


The revitalized website boasts industry-specific themes and carefully curated professional images that showcase Qualis Construction’s expertise. A restructured content layout clarifies their services and value propositions. Smartly placed Call-to-Action elements boost conversion rates, while the overhauled service page effectively communicates their offerings and industry authority. These features collectively ensure a professional, engaging, and highly converting website.


Professional Theme

Tailored themes and carefully curated professional images boosted the visual appeal of Qualis Construction’s website, aligning with their industry expertise.


Improved Content Arrangement

A revamped content structure ensured a seamless presentation of services, experience, and value, enhancing user engagement.


Effective CTAs

Strategically placed Call-to-Action elements guided users toward meaningful interactions, resulting in a notable increase in conversion rates.


Redesigned Service Page

A comprehensive overhaul of the service page effectively showcased Qualis Construction’s offerings and established their authority within the industry.

Construction company website redesign case study

The Result

Happy Client!

Construction company website redesign case study

The solution delivered tangible results for Qualis Construction. Their website’s conversion rate increased significantly. The redesign elevated their professionalism and brand identity, positioning them as a competitive industry player. This success led to an ongoing partnership, with Rollout Technologies continuing to support their evolving IT needs, emphasizing the enduring value of our collaboration. In the end the redesigning for construction company website was successfully delivered by Rollout Technologies.

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