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Cloud Contact Center Setup for Manufacturing Company

Cloud Contact Center solution for Manufacturing company

With a powerful and fully managed Cloud Contact Center by IT experts, our manufacturing client has now empowered itself with high responsiveness, seamless communication, and positive results. Learn how we did it! 

Cloud Contact Center solution for Manufacturing company





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25 days (July 2023)

The present case study revolves around how we assisted our client, an Edmonton-based manufacturing company that operates extensively across North America supplying building and hotel products to a diverse range of customers, from general hotel owners to multinational clients, in deploying a quick and robust Cloud Contact Center, boosting their responsiveness and communication.

Being a large-scale organization dealing across multiple geographies, the client was struggling with an inefficient communication architecture.

Our primary goal for the project was to establish a powerful, quick, and efficient Cloud Contact center strategically designed per the client’s needs and requirements that can help them provide adequate customer support and boost their B2B sales.

Our Cloud Contact Center Solution included multiple contact channels, call management features, and advanced tools that strengthened the client’s inbound and outbound communication, boosting their growth rate significantly.

Business Challenges

Prior to our engagement, the client was facing numerous communication-related challenges which directly hindered their deals and sales. In our opinion, the primary challenge of the whole project was that the client was operating in multiple industries and felt the lack of a centralized communication center to manage client calls and requests.

Geographic Limitations

One of the major challenges before our client was geographic limitation. Being a multi-industry company, they had to operate across different regions and setting up a dedicated contact service across each region was a big challenge for them. This resulted in poor communications with their clients, directly affecting their service quality and credibility in the market.

Integration Issues

The client was a large-scale manufacturing company and had a huge load of data. Integrating our cloud contact center data with their CRM, inventory management, and order processing systems was a big challenge.

Failure in this process might also result in data silos.

Limited Accessibility

The client did not have an efficient centralized communication infrastructure for itself or its customers.

This restricted their employees to working either on-site or at specific physical locations, making it difficult for them to provide adequate customer support services to their clients in different regions.

On top of that, this also limited their customers from reaching out to them with service-related or support queries.

Inefficient Call Routing System

In this fast-paced world where everyone has literally not a second to spare, waiting for minutes to get your call routed to the required agent at your service provider’s contact center would be less irritating than nothing. This was another major challenge our client was facing.

Lacking an efficient call routing system, directing customer calls to the most suitable and available agents took longer than expected, resulting in frustrated customers and poor customer experience.

We evaluated and faced all these crucial challenges and were able to establish a powerful and easily-connectable cloud contact center for our client that eliminated all their communication issues.

The Solution

In order to provide our client with a powerful, quick, and efficient Cloud Contact Center that can strengthen their customer experience and help them boost their business sales , we maintained a close collaboration with the client to assess their current situation, unique needs and requirements, and their future goals and expectations from the project. By having a fair idea of the project requirements, we then designed a customized solution for the client that included the proposed systems and tools to strengthen the company’s communication infrastructure.


Work with Rollout Technologies

To harvest the required result from the project, Rollout Technologies adapted a client-centric approach which involved our regular meetings with the client regarding their current problems, loopholes, unique needs and requirements from the project, and future goals and plans.

This close collaboration with the client provided us with adequate information regarding their existing communication infrastructure and its loopholes, giving us a tighter hold on the project.

Since the client wanted to strengthen both their inbound and outbound communication system, we opted for an omnichannel cloud contact center setup that would enable their customers to contact them through various channels, reducing the waiting time to minimum.

Lastly, to ensure a successful completion of the project, we split the whole project into multiple sub-milestones assigned to different departments. This helped us focus on one core challenge at a time and come up with a full-proof solution with minimal drawbacks.

Work with Rollout Technologies


Our established cloud contact center solution worked as a centralized communication system for our client, strengthening their communication among employees as well as their customers. We set up this strategically designed contact center with multiple advanced features and modern tools that made easy communication a cake walk for the client.


Efficient Call Management

We implemented both inbound and outbound call management systems in our contact center to ensure efficient call management throughout the company.


Centralized Communication

Our cloud contact center worked as a centralized communication system for the company that included advanced call and voicemail functionalities that simplified the organization’s communication issues.


IVR Functionality

By implementing advanced IVR features in the contact center to leverage automated voicemail and call routing features, boosting customer engagement and experience.


Professional Communication

We assigned a toll-free number on the company’s name to enhance the company’s brand image and professionalism.


User Empowerment

With a focus on improving accessibility, we established contact center virtualization and remote workforce that allowed the company’s customer agents to attend and make calls from their own accounts, irrespective of their geographical location or internet connection.


Advanced Reporting

We implemented advanced reporting tools and features in the cloud-based contact center that provided the company with accurate insights regarding customer engagement, CRM status, and communication system issues and helped them make better decisions regarding the issue.

business growth through partnership with Rollout Technologies

The Result

Happy Client!

business growth through partnership with Rollout Technologies

With our Cloud Contact Center setup services, we were able to establish a flawless and efficient communication infrastructure for our client that helped them improve their customer relations and boost their B2B sales. The project outcomes have been transformational and satisfying for the client and we have been praised for the value and reliability of our services.

This result-oriented commitment is also strengthened as the client has chosen us to be their managed service provider. We will be dedicated to delivering top-notch IT solutions and helping the client succeed in their dynamic business environment.

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